Black Friday? No, thanks - 5 Christmas gifts ideas, that are not materialistic

We all love making gifts. However, around Christmas, this enthusiasm of ours seems to disappear. There are 1432 people we have to think of a gift for, including our significant other, best friend, parents, neighbors from the fifth floor, our beloved aunt who lives in another city, and so on, and so on. Usually, Christmas shopping turns into an annoying and frustrating activity, during which we smell over 20 perfumes in the cosmetics store until our nose fails, or refreshing a particular website hundreds of times at midnight on Black Friday until we finally see "out of stock." on everything we like.

So now we give you 5 ideas for Christmas gifts that will save you the annoying shopping, the Black Friday fight, and the wrapping, because they come in a box or an envelope. Oh, and yes- there are ideas for both your significant other and your aunt.

1. The countryside is always a good idea - 1 night and horse riding in the Devetaki plateau for two

Hmmm, home-made products and rural gourmet, horseback riding amidst beautiful winter landscapes and a sense of coziness you keep from your childhood when you were visiting your grandparents. Do you imagine? This is the kind of emotion you can give with a night stay for two at a cozy house in the Devetaki Plateau.

"Wrap" your runaway from the hectic, noisy city:

2. Best sellers are the best for a reason - Five-step seasonal wine tasting in Sofia

Our best-selling experience is the five-step seasonal wine tasting from five Italian wine regions., along with a complementary four-course menu. 

Give your best friends a best seller to warm their winter evenings with a glass of wine:



3. For the most important women in our lives - Spa ritual „The capricious queen

The women around us often jump from one duty to another, doing anything to make us happy, and don’t have time to take care of themselves. It is time to thank them.

The Capricious Queen ritual includes a facial therapy with calendula and collagen, Thai full-leg massage and a pedicure with UV gel polish.

Put it under the tree: 

4. Who makes the tastiest dinner?Cooking class

For this one person who invites you in and serves you a Michelin-starred dish each time, get our cooking class voucher. This way he will be able to choose among the many culinary adventures on our site - desserts, French and Italian cuisine, vegan and fusion dishes and many more.

Make a gift:


5. Adrenalinе Mania - Motor paraglider flight above the Rose Valley

We all know one person who is a fan of adrenaline. Contrary to the belief that it has a season, paraglider flights are year-round!

Everyone would fall in love with the views that would open up to the Valley of the Roses during the flight, and the adrenaline rush will be responsible for the butterflies in the stomach.

Rejoice loved ones with extreme emotion: air-motor-paraglider-flight-kazanlak


6. If you just can’t pick – Gift Voucher

There is nothing wrong with just not knowing what to get. In that case, you can choose a gift voucher of a certain value that the recipient can use for any one of all over 250 offers on our site.

Our short guide ends with hope that this year's shopping will be a more enjoyable experience. Oh, and we forgot to tell you - not only will you not be "fighting" on Black Friday for these gifts, but they will certainly be the most original under the tree. ;) 


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