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This blog is the beginning of a series of meetings with the most interesting people we work with. These are the people who meet you and provide a truly exciting and memorable experience. We’ll start with our instructors, for whom the sky is their home office, speed is adrenaline, and gravity is not a significant factor. We are introducing you to Interesting, different people who have chosen their hobby as a profession. Every meeting with them is as real as it can get.

We start with flights…downwards and with no craft.


Velislav Maldzhiev – bungee instructor, alpinist and a founder of the folklore dances school “horA” in Sofia

"When I'm in the mood, which is almost always the case, we have a lot of fun throwing people off bridges and rocks. I love my job. Join us! First we’ll do bungee diving, then we’ll move to kayaking on the Danube river!”

I am

Velislav Maldzhiev. I graduated from the National Sports Academy - "Coach in tourism-mountaineering", my second specialty is "Pedagogy," and I am a licensed mountain guide. Bungee jumping as a sport is closest to mountaineering - knots, equipment, positioning of the ropes, calculation of the factors of a potential fall, reacting in crisis situations, emergency plans ...From this point of view, I am one of the few who work what they graduated in. I have also devoted 40 years to folk dances.

Why bungee jumping?

The bungee jump purifies the soul and purges the negative thoughts. You’ll find greatest pleasure in overcoming your fear and the stopping mechanisms of the mind: "do not do it", "you are crazy", "what do you prove with this" ...Bungee jumping is one of the things that everyone should experience at least once in their life. Everyone who jumped describes the feeling in a different way: "stronger than orgasm", "I will never do it again ..., but next time I will jump forward", "indescribable", "I don't know what happened to me "," I don't know what world I'm in "... We have worked with organizations several times and lectured on drug prevention: "Adrenaline against drugs ". Pure adrenaline is our drug.

Myths and facts

  • It’s very dangerous

It’s been statistically proven that the risk of death from a bungee jump is the same as the one you can from a car going at 60km. The safest extreme sports of a commercial nature, strange as it may seem to you, are bungee jumping and skydiving - about 6 times safer than driving a car, not to mention motorcycles.

  • What are the potential injuries?

Serious trauma is possible in the form of getting addicted to regular jumping, which is a money and time. Now seriously, if you do not follow the instructions, there is a chance to hit you elastic band, leading to split eyebrow, blue eye.

  • The rubber band won't hold me

Funny thing, this question is usually asked mainly by the lightweight ones. We have invested a lot of money in inventory and accessories, and the weight range we work with is from 40 to 200 kg. Our elastic is double secured, hangs at least three secure safety points, and the jumper is tied to the leggings, and a safety alpine harness (seat) for the whole body is provided.

  • My retina may come off, my heart may stop ...

If you have any heart problems, eye problems, heart attacks or strokes, joint problems, bone problems, or any doubts about your health, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking a bungee jump.

"Quick Bungee Jump Guidelines. Follow without too much consideration"

  • Irresistible desire for bungee jumping
  • Search and find a bungee object
  • Establishing contact with service providers
  • Arranging a day and time (be firm and adamant)
  • Mandatory price bargain (if the service providers are in Turkey or the Arab world)
  • Teleporting to the bungee site, filling out annoying declarations and other bureaucratic nonsense
  • You relax in the hands of the bungee instructors and jump without thinking ... WITHOUT THINKING, That’s a must!

The most curious case I remember

Our youngest bungee jumper, to the horror of their mom, is 3 year-old, the oldest is 80+. Curiosities with us are every day. We also dealt with completely inadequate clients, we angrily threw drunk ones, we threw NATO soldiers on their 1st day off, one had had a bottle of wine before the jump and jumped twice, after the second jump, he threw up the whole bottle… we had a doctor the bridge (that was the requirement) and the doctor laughed and said, "Ah, how well you cleaned this one" *
* This does not mean we generally tolerate the use of alcohol before the jump and we strongly recommend that you do not use alcohol or other substances before that. The adrenaline is enough!

I'm afraid of…

I have no fears, and when they appear, I fight them quickly.

My dream is to…

Relive my life again

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Rumen Todorov - pilot - instructor and hang glider racer

"Flying like a bird and being able to share the emotion in videos and photos is an experience that is different every time, beautiful in every way.

I am

Hang gliding has been my passion since 1984. I have been a motor hang glider instructor since 1996. I have now about 3000 air hours.

Why hang gliding?

This is the safest and most affordable air means of transport.

Myths and facts

The motor hang glider is a weak and fragile aircraft. In fact, it is stronger than many ultralight aircraft engines.


Modern hang gliders have the qualities of an ultralight aircraft with a number of advantages - an open cabin, from which you can take beautiful photos and videos with the feeling that you are free like a bird, in harmony with nature.

I will never forget

My flight with grandmother Biserka, aged 94. She was a World War II motorless aircraft pilot. Before the flight, she told me: "Rumen, during the last month preceding our flight, I have not slept because of excitement and worry about whether I will live to see the day of the actual flight." Everything went wonderfully and we brought back her good memories.

I'm afraid of:

Undisciplined pilots.

My dream is to:

See people not exceed their capabilities and fly safely, which is the most important thing in modern ultralight aviation.

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Rimante and Tsvetan Tsolovi - family of pilots, world champions, instructors

“Everyone whose dream is to see the world from above and feel the freedom of the flight is welcome! “

We are

Rimante and Tzvetan – Tzolovi, а family. We were brought together by our passion for flying. Paragliding for us is not just a sport but a way of living and a dream come true. We are parents to two beautiful daughters, to whom we pass on our love for nature, outdoor adventures and of course flying: one of the purest forms of freedom. Rimante is a world and European vice-champion in paragliding in the discipline "Goal Landing" for 2013 and 2014. Tsvetan is a longtime competitor for the Bulgarian national team in full landing with many awards - two 3rd places in the European Championship, a second place and a third place in the World Championships and also… a national prize in paragliding in the discipline "Goal Landing" at the World Championship in 2017, among 147 pilots from 28 countries.

Why paragliding?

The paraplanner is light, easily manoeuvrable, affordable - it is for everyone. You can fly with it over hundreds of kilometres if the meteorological conditions allow it. If there isn’t a hill or a slope - we can always find a winch. The rope gently pulls you 200-300 metres into the sky and good times are always guaranteed. If you have gasoline running in your veins, the paraplanners turn into a paramotor or a double-seated paratrike. Yes, you got it - a paratrike! This is the easiest way to begin your journey into aviation and that’s a fact.

Myths and facts

  • I cannot fly because of my fear of heights

A lot of people experience this. During the flight with a paraplanner or a motor hang glider, your brain has enough time to react to every change in where your body is in space. A very elegant and natural way to help ourselves is by facing our own fears.

  • Autumn and winter are not good seasons for flying

Actually, this is the best time for tandem flights with a motor paraplanner or a motor hang glider. The atmosphere is saturated and calm and the autumn colours and snowy fields will leave you with unforgettable memories.

  • I can teach myself how to fly a paraplanner

The paraplanner is easy to manage in ideal meteorological conditions. Sadly, a lot of factors like wind, meteorology and specifics of the land often make the flights dangerous for those who teach themselves.

A tandem flight can be the first step towards a pilot license. Sit comfortably and enjoy the beautiful view from above. The motor paraplanner (also known as paratrike) is a combination of paraplanner and a trike with two seats and an engine with a propeller in the back. This eliminates any physical effort from the passenger (you don’t have to run during take-off or landing) and minimizes the risk of injuries.

The most memorable event I remember

Rimante: One of the most magical moments was in Litva when two storks came close to me and showed me where the thermic was. This often happens when storks teach their little ones how to fly.

We’re afraid of

People with limited worldview, of those who are strong enough to destroy and to complain but are too weak to create something beautiful. I’m afraid of people who lack tolerance towards others.

We dream of

Living in peace and with gratitude for every single moment we’re alive

Meet Ramante and Tsvetan and feel the magic of paragliding yourself.


Radostin Velev - parachut jumping instrustor

"Skydiving is a passion. Women are braver than men.”

I am

Rado Velev. I have been parachuting for 30 years and so far I have about 4,000 jumps. I am a licensed training instructor for both the American Parachute Association and the Bulgarian National Parachute Club. I served as an instructor in the Bulgarian Navy, I also worked as an instructor in New Zealand.

Why skydiving

Skydiving brings a unique palette of feelings - from the challenge of overcoming and bettering yourself to the fear of the unknown; from joy, freedom and the vastness of the blue to the desire to return to the skies again and again. And last but not least, skydiving gave me a lot of real friends.

Myths and facts

  • Skydiving is a very dangerous sport!
  • The statistics of the American Parachute Association for 2019 show that based on 3.3 million jumps, the incidents for every 100 thousand jumps are 0.45. It turns out that it is more dangerous to drive a car than to skydive.
  • Skydiving is statistically more preferred by women than men.

You should know

  • The scariest and most crucial moment in skydiving is the decision to do it! Once you make a decision, everything else is super easy and safe
  • Those wishing to jump must be under 100 kg., in good health and mental condition. This is not because we don't like big people, it's just that the parachute system has a weight limit.
  • In 2014, Alan Eustace jumped from 135,908 ft. (41.425 km) - the highest altitude in parachuting so far. Don Kellner is the parachutist with the highest number of completed jumps: 45 THOUSAND, he has been jumping since 1961.

I will not forget

When I had to use the spare parachute for the first time due to the failure of the main one. I was jumping with my wife! So far, I have opened the spare parachute 7 times.

I'm afraid of

I'm a normal person, I'm afraid, of course. Those who say they are not afraid are either lying or just crazy!

I dream of

Making skydiving more accessible and for more people to be able to experience the magic of the blue sky. As the genius, Leonardo Da Vinci said: "Once you have experienced flying, you will always walk on the ground with your eyes looking at the sky, because you’ve been there and you will always long to return."

Touch the sky! Dare yourself.


Svetoslav Solomaha - pilot - instructor of a superlight aircraft.

"In order to fly, you don't have to be a superhero, with perfect health and physique. However, it is imperative that you are responsible and precise, in control of your emotions.”

I am

53 years old and I have been flying since I was 16 years old. I’m an engineer but for years I’ve been flying and training people with an ultralight aircraft, hang gliders, deltaplanners and paraplanners. I have experience as a pilot for photography purposes, agricultural flights and mountain altitude flights in Bulgaria and Nepal.

Why an airplane?

I love flying, the airplane and the hang glider are year-round aircraft types. The difference between them is like between a car and a motorcycle - the plane is more comfortable (there is heating) and you don’t feel the wind.

Myths and facts

  • Anyone who wishes can try and fly the plane after instruction and at the same time enjoy the Kazanlak valley, the Thracian mounds, Koprinka dam, the peaks: Triglav, Shipka, Buzludzha, Saryar, as well as other beauties that emerge below us during the flight..
  • I help a lot during take-off and landing.
  • I don’t compromise on security. If the weather conditions are bad, I suggest rescheduling the flight.

You should know

Before flights (in the evening) you can’t have more than a glass of good red wine and you have to sleep 8 hours. It’s good (for the engine) not to be overweight. Cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy and mental illness are contraindicated. Diets too.

I will never forget

I try not to have “curious” events because it means that something wasn’t planned or it wasn’t planned well. At high altitudes (above Nepal) I’ve had clients falling asleep who wake up at about 3500m. I have always avoided collisions with three-meter vultures, as they lack the ability to check around while in the air.

I’m afraid of

Taking myself too seriously and living in a routine

I dream of

Teaching my daughters to become pilots so they can fly instead of me someday.I’ll be able to ride my horse and become champion in endurance.<3

Do you want to break free from the routine of everyday life? Feel the thrill of flying a real plane.


Mario Stoykov - pilot

"The hot air balloon is the safest place to propose marriage - because you can't be turned down"

I am

Mario Stoykov, 35 years old and I made my dream come true by creating a really serious extreme sports structure that I am proud of.

Why a hot air balloon?

Because the hot air balloon is a form of beauty and tranquility. For me, this is the most real form of flying. The hot air balloon is the feeling of light in people's lives, the achievement of their goals and dreams, just like in fairy tales.

Myths and facts

  • The balloon doesn’t fly in winter. The cold weather is more favourable for ballooning, as the burners that raise the balloon are powerful and radiate a lot of heat, and it becomes quite warm and pleasant in the basket.
  • It is dangerous to fly a balloon. No, the balloon is the safest aircraft!
  • We follow the traditions: According to an old custom, it is a must to treat yourself to a glass of champagne during a balloon flight!

You should know

The hot air balloon flies in favourable weather conditions - that means no strong wind and rain. There is no dress code. The first hot air balloon with a person onboard was created by the Montgolfier brothers. On the 19th of September 1783, they demonstrated their invention to King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette in a French court in Paris. The passengers were a sheep, a duck and a rooster. They rose to 480 meters. The first flight with a man was on October 15, 1783, with Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier. The materials used to build the dome, the so-called montgolfier, are paper, canvas or silk. Fire flames are used to heat the air in the montgolifier, which leads to low capacity and a short range. The revival of hot air balloons occurred in the 1960s when propane-reinforced burners were first used to heat the air.

The most curious event I can remember

It took me long to negotiate with a couple who just got engaged to leave the balloon after we landed. After many attempts to reason with them, I got in the car and brought them a blanket and a bottle of wine. In the morning, I found them still in the balloon, asleep. Only the modest breakfast I offered them made them finally leave. The balloon was mine again!

I'm afraid of

I do extreme sports. The adrenaline keeps me alive, there is hardly anything that can scare me.

I dream of

The end of the COVID-19 panic.

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