Observe the world upside-down: Tandem parachute jump


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For adventurers, inquisitors and those who are not afraid to face fear in their eyes.

Parachute jump is a great way to experience the thrill of a free fall and the best fun you can experience in a complete absence of gravity!

Look at the world through an entirely new perspective - from up to down.

Raise at a height of 3500m plane smile at the camera ... and jump! Experience 50 seconds of free fall, at which time you will reach a speed of 240 km / h. 


• Tandem parachute jump with a professional instructor

• Instructions

• Full equipment


You can add  video capture for 159 BGN.

 This offer is valid for the period April-October

Location: Krainitzi Airport, Sapareva banya

The flights take into account the meteorological weather forecast, which is accurate to 3-4 days ahead.

Requirements: people weighing up to 100 kg, up to 2m tall and over 16 years



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