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You are not a basic tourist. Actually, you don’t even define yourself as a tourist, but more as a wanderer, an adventurer… You don’t understand why people love sightseeing that much, nor why it is a must for them to be instagramable (in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa for example). It is not that you don’t, but you rather do it by the way. You believe that to visit a place, by the real means of the word, one must not only see it but to experience it.

Here are our suggestions on great experiences in Greece, not including simply laying on the beach:

Halkidiki- A heaven for kayaking and yachting

The well-known Halkidiki peninsulas in Greece, trouble their visitors in one way only- by making them decide which of the three of them to visit. Kassandra gets most of the tourists and has many hotels, restaurants, and bars. The streets by the sea are full of life and a day at the beach can’t go without a cocktail. Sithonia, the middle peninsula, is a great place to enjoy the nature and the quiet and lonely, in a good way, beaches, along with many untraditional adventures such as diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. The third peninsula- Holy Mountain, better known as Athos- is the home of 1400 monks, who live in the 20 orthodox monasteries and the other spiritual centers. It is an autonomous polity, where women are not allowed.

The beautiful village of Vourvourou, Kasandra, is the starting point of Your kayaking adventure. The sea is bright blue of color and its temperature resembles a tea prepared 5 minutes ago. The gulfs are covered in deep greenery. On the edge on the horizon “just about to fall” is Mount Athos. Your journey could begin in the morning so that you have time to relax, swim and have a healthy picnic with local delights. But it also could begin at dawn, so that you can watch the sunset on top of cape Karidi. You don’t need any special preparation or experience for this trip.

Advise: Consider what to wear, have sunglasses and a hat on, and use sunscreen. The sun reflects in the water, which makes one burn more easily.

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If you want to spend a whole day in the open sea with great company, you could book a cruise with a 9-person yacht. During the cruise stop at a quiet gulf, where you can go snorkeling and fishing, but don’t also miss to dock at a beach bar and have fun. 
Advise: If you hear the crew say you are traveling with *this much* knots, bear in mind that a knot is a little less than 2 km/h.

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And if you’d like to stay a little longer...

You could give in to a five-day kayaking trip and wild camping. You will go around beautiful Greek isles, have fun on the beaches, you’ll discover while rowing, and depending on the destination you choose, you may visit marine caves, lagoons and go sightseeing. You can choose between different destinations around the island of Lefkada, check them out here, here and here.

Meteora - Sunset walks, wine, and balloon flights

Literally, Meteora means elevated. The place consists of 9 monasteries, 6 of which are active. It is still not clear how the rocks formed this way, but the most popular theory suggests that the region was the bottom of a wide lake, which drained out after a cataclysm.

If you are a fan of Greek cuisine, You’d definitely want to taste the atmosphere of Meteora. You can try the best local wines, cheese, milk, honey, and fruits. You will also try mushrooms at the Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum.

Advise: Drink some water before each wine you try, this will help you evaluate the taste better. 

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Meteora is 400m. above the sea level and makes one speechless as early as on the way from Kalambaka. If you choose to have a tour around this amazing natural phenomenon at sunset, you will go around the route that circles the monastery complex and all of the 6 monasteries, including the panoramic viewpoint right after “The Great Meteor”, along with other breathtaking sights.  

Advice: During a visit of the monasteries women should have their shoulders covered, and if you wear shorts, long trousers or skirts will be handed to you at the entrances. 

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Once you see Meteora up close, You’d want to see it up high. A balloon flight isn’t a thing to miss and definitely not a “once in a lifetime” experience because You’d want to do it again for sure. You could fly at sunrise or at sunset. 

Advice: You can book a balloon flight for every day of the year, no matter the season. Still, April- September is the best time to do so. 

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Olympus- A long weekend in the mountain of the Gods

According to the Greek mythology, Olympus is the home of the main Gods of the Greek pantheon. Mytikas is the second highest peak in the Balkan peninsula, losing only to Musala in Bulgaria. 

If you love the mountain a littleeee more than the sea, You’d like the idea of a dynamic weekend, climbing Mount Olympus. It is a three-day trip, including one night at the Spilios Agapitos alpine hut, reaching peak Mytikas, where you can enjoy sights of the White Sea, the Muses plateau, and peak Stefani, a visit of a traditional Greek tavern, one night at a campsite and a deserved time to relax at the beach beneath Mount Olympus. 

Advise: Be prepared for a climb with a big denivelation. Still, it will be far from impossible to get to the top, since ropes are secured.

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And don’t forget...

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

 - Oprah Winfrey 

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