Libras and their never-ending strive for beauty

Just like their depicting symbol, those born under the sign of Libra are always looking for equilibrium and balance. They are fair, objective and always try to act in everyone’s best interest. They hate conflicts and highly value peace, harmony, and beauty in all of their forms. This is why they try so tirelessly to protect them, create them, gift them… and quite logically, they love it when they are being gifted all of that as well! We are creating beautiful, balanced, and harmonious experiences for our favorite Libras – with this blog post. 

It is safe to say that the representatives of this star sign are people of partnership as they can’t stand being on their own. For them everything is better when shared with someone else! This is why we are starting namely with such experiences – shared together with a Libra’s loved one, with whom we will take them on a stroll down the endless vineyards of villa Yustina in a two-day adventure with lots of wine and even much more love… Or we can take them on a date like those in the movies in the ranch, where Sylvester Stallone himself had been shooting. They will be able to enjoy a projection of their favorite movie in a romantic cowboy cinema!

Tenderness, harmony, and peace are placed on a pedestal with Libras. And is there something bringing more harmony and inner peace than nature? The Wild Farm in the eastern Rhodope Mountain is a true oasis, which will gift the Libras not just the beauty of the mountain, but also the opportunity to taste delicious home-made food and indulge in authentic Bulgarian rituals.

Another common feature of the representatives of this sign is their impeccable sense for aesthetics. Even with male Libras it is quite easily distinguished – they have an eye for fashion and style as well as for everything that’s refined and beautiful. This is why we have no doubt that they will perfectly fit in the gentlemen’s club – exclusive tasting of one of the best whiskeys in the world as well as of high-quality cigars from the Dominican Republic. If there’s a man, who will appreciate this experience, this is the Libra man!

And what can we say about the Libra woman? Her criteria for beauty and aesthetics are just as high! This flying dress photo shoot at the Belogradchik rocks, however, promises to exceed them. A professional photographer will take wonderful photographs of your favorite Libra woman, dressed up in a faerie dress with a 7-meter tail amidst the unique rock formations. 

Let us not forget that beauty and aesthetics go hand in hand with art. And Libras undoubtedly appreciate it! This is one more way for them to express their refined nature and strive for perfection, which they can create with their own hands – what they will only need is a paintbrush, acrylic paint and a little bit of inspiration with this experience for painting and wine. It is even more beautiful and perfect when art can “come to life”. Gift your favorite Libra woman art on silk – silk scarves, which recreate artistic paintings made by the designer Ina Assa, who has worked for brands like Paco Rabanne and Givenchy.

And because Libras are an air sign, we can’t help it but give them the opportunity to fly and look at the world from above. Gift them the emotion of а hot air balloon ascent and of seeing the sunrise high in the clouds with loved ones! Or, take them on a little bit more different mountain walk, going over the picturesque slopes of the magnificent Rila mountain – not on foot though, but by a motor hang glider!

Finally, because the strive for beauty of the representatives of this star sign finds its expression in everything they do, you won’t be surprised that Libras do not simply enjoy good food but view it as a piece of art. This is why we are taking them to the restaurant of MasterChef’s second season winner – chef Sevda Dimitrova for a five-course tasting menu and pleasure for all the senses. Or, we are helping them get the hang of the classic French macaroons and sponge cakes, with which they will undoubtedly amaze every guest at home!

If you still think your favorite Libra knows best what beauty and a perfect experience looks like, gift them the choice from over 500+ experiences with our gift cards.

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