Welcome to Gentlemen’s club! Exclusive tasting of whisky and cigars with whisky expert for two or three


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  • Welcome to Gentlemen’s club! Exclusive tasting of whisky and cigars with whisky expert for two or three
  • Чаша скъпо уиски и димяща кубинска пура
  • чаши с уиски
  • джентълменска стая с кожени канапета и диван

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Welcome to Gentlemen’s club! Exclusive tasting of  whisky and cigars with whiskey expert for two.

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  • What's included
  • One truly special whiskey tasting.

    The perfect venue for those with a keen interest in whisky who want to learn more about their favoured spirit.

    In this tasting you can choose between 3 groups of whisky among which are some of the most awarded Scottish and Irish whisky in the world.

    This is the perfect experience for those, who are looking to develop their knowledge or as a crash course for whisky beginners.

    Additionally, you can enjoy high quality cigars from Dominicana.

    Come and join us!


  • A whisky expert will lead the degustation

    • During the tasting you will learn more about the so-called “whisky culture” - how it is made, stored and aged, what foods suits best with it, what glasses are suitable to drink from and many more!

    • Whisky will be tasted in special whisky glasses /0.025ml each/

    • Mineral water

    • Optional: add cigar with your tasting La Galera Half Corona

    • You can choose one of the following whisky groups:

    Package Whiskey World includes tasting of 4 brands of limited whisky:

    - Mars Kasei /Japan/
    - Highland Park 10 YO /Scotland/
    - Connemara /Ireland/
    - Jack Danniel's Master Distr /America/

    Package Ireland or Scotland includes tasting of 4 limited Scotch whiskies:

    - Knockando 12 YO
    - Jameson Black Barrel 
    - Tyrconnell Single Malt

    Package Malt Scotland includes tasting of   4 limited whiskies:

    - Scapa Single Malt
    - Haighland Park 12 YO
    - Arran 10 YO
    - Knockando 12 YO

    Duration: between 40-60min.

    Location: Bar Caldo, Sofia

    Price is for two or three people, you can choose from the dropdown menu.

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