Mystic Thai massage. The beginning of an adventure for your body and soul.

тайландски масаж

How many of you have heard about Thai massage? Probably a lot. But did you know that it originated 3 000 years ago and was used mainly for feet. Europeans enjoy it for a different reason. The work in deskchair and the air-conditioner turned on to high create a lot of problems for the neck and back area. So, the Thai massage has changed. It became more centered on the spine. In Thailand, however ,the leg massage is still popular because of the long walks which tourists take.

The Thai massage is mainly done on a mat because it is the most comfortable position in which the specialist can work on the body. The Strong massage is twice stronger than the regular Thai massage. It is mainly done on people who are stronger, their body type is above average or their sensitivity is low. The main goal is to create balance between the body and soul.

Thai massages are also suitable for pregnant women. When a woman is expecting a child her body is changing. Her spine and core muscles are experiencing a lot of pressure and the massage is very good for relaxing the whole body.

So if you want an experience which will give harmonizes your body and soul, then the right place is Thai Spa - find all offers here

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