Massages and SPA treatments

Who doesn't love to pamper themselves?! Giving yourself or a loved one the gift of health, massage, spa or just time for themselves is a wonderful way to help them truly relax from everyday busy life. Choose from vouchers for massages, spa, special beautifying procedures: a ticket to peace, pleasure and guaranteed relaxation.

What types of massages will you find on Gift Come True

In our offers, you will find a variety of facial and body therapies - from more traditional to aromatherapy to massages for couples.

Enjoy the technique of traditional Thai massage with original Thai oils. Experienced therapists will consult you to understand what you need.

Through various massage techniques, you will indulge in a well-deserved rest, a balance between spirit and body.

Massage with aroma oils works on one area of ​​the body at a time, gently stimulating circulation and relieving muscle knots and pain.

Deep tissue massage is a much more intense form of therapy aimed at reducing muscle tension and gaining greater flexibility by removing blockages in the body.

What types of SPA therapies will you find here

In addition to massages, you will also find complete spa and beauty treatments here. Treating (yourself) to a spa procedure will allow you to go through different levels of relaxation, after which you will be charged with self-confidence and good emotions.

The combination of a relaxing detox bath, massage and rest in a calm environment, for example, gives a complete cycle of physical and mental relaxation.

Water is a key therapeutic element used to relax tired and sore muscles and revitalize the body from head to toe. Aqua Therapy and massage jet baths can help exfoliate and rehydrate the skin, giving a feeling of overall rejuvenation.

To stimulate your health, you can try staying in a salt room, which is also suitable for the whole family. Or visit the Bee House, for immunity and optimal cleaning of the respiratory tract.

For a complete restart and refreshment of body and mind, we recommend a voucher for flotation. It is a therapy in a high-tech capsule for weightless floating, aiming at deep rest, meditation, restoration of the body and exploration of the possibilities of consciousness and mind. Flotation saturates the body with the necessary minerals and leaves the hair and skin soft and delicate.

Isolation from the flow of information allows for complete relaxation of the mind and body. Choose leading spa centers in Sofia and Bulgaria for:

  • SPA weekends
  • facial beauty treatments
  • manicure and pedicure
  • massages for two and spa treatments
  • visiting thermal areas
  • sauna and steam room
  • swimming pools

Why choose a voucher for massage and SPA as a gift

Massages and spa treatments have an additional added value compared to simple vacation. They are known to be associated with improved sleep quality and circulation, reduced stress and anxiety, and strengthened immune system.

Time spent in a relaxing environment has recharging properties, and if you choose to share this gift with a loved one, you will give an unforgettable and quality moment in which to strengthen positive relationships.

This type of experience is a favorite of all actively working and living under stress, both men and women. And they are also suitable for sharing - for families, couples, friends.

You can count on Gift Come True for the perfect SPA and massage experience

Gifting a friend or family member, friend, loved one or colleague a massage and spa voucher is much more than giving some time for themselves.

The recipient of your gift will feel wonderfully refreshed and grateful, ready to embark on life with pleasure and new energy. Choose a massage or spa experience at a great price, wrapped in a beautiful package or sent online by email!