Sharing vs. keeping the happiness to yourself

As Leo Tolstoy has said “If you want to be happy, be!”. We would like to add: if you want to be even happier, share the happiness! Many studies have proved that shared experiences (even with a complete stranger!) are much richer in emotions than the solo ones. Human brain is meant to create social connections by resonating with the emotions of those around us. Maybe you have noticed that often someone’s laughter makes you laugh or someone else’s enthusiasm infects you as well! As a whole, shared experiences influence us in very interesting ways! So this is exactly what we are talking about (+giving a few ideas) in this blog post.

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The more the better

Studies indicate that we need approximately five positive experiences in order to make up for every negative one. This is due to our tendency to unconsciously focus on the negative emotions and treat them as more important. By regularly sharing cool experiences with family, friends and loved ones, we are creating a considerable “stock” on positive feelings, which does not allow us to plunge into the negative. And because we genuinely believe it, this October we are giving you the opportunity to get 2 vouchers on the price of 1 by sharing these horseriding lessons with a loved one. Among nature’s beauty, in an authentic ranch, with legendary horses and a homemade lunch for two!

Scientifically proven

Sharing the happiness is so much better than keeping it to yourself! And this is scientifically proven. In one study, the participants took part in a four-stage chocolate tasting – with both a classic sweet as well as a quite weird (unpleasant) chocolate. In both scenarios they tasted them firstly alone and then with someone else. Finally, all participants pointed the shared tasting as much more interesting and pleasant (even in the case of the “weird” chocolate)! According to the research, shared experiences and the feeling of happiness are intrinsically linked. You are more than welcome to put this theory to the test namely through a tasting of  high-quality chocolate for two or 10 people – a group of close friends or colleagues, with whom you will not only taste different kinds of chocolate, but you will also try to “guess” them in a fun game.

Happiness as medicine

Happiness and good health go hand in hand. Literally! There is a strong connection between the meaningful and happy relationships and the reduced risk of heart attack, depression, anxiety, dementia and other cognitive and physical conditions. However, when we leave these happy relationships on autopilot, they run out. Sometimes we forget that what connects us is namely the shared memories and experiences and we ignore the opportunities to gift them to ourselves. Share more than just an experience with a friend or loved one – share adrenaline rush and excitement – with this ATV off-road adventure among the Belogradchik rocks, which will surely be remembered!

“Us” sounds better than “me”

A shared еxperience is not just a cool moment in the present. It gives people the chance to create some really deep, strong and meaningful bonds. No matter what the experience is, the fact that we do it together helps us connect better with each other and build trust. In Belchin Garden – the place, where Rila, Verila, Vitosha and Plana come together, the swimming pools with healing mineral water, the pristine nature and the SPA therapies create that needed privacy, peacefulness and intimacy, which help the relationship go up to a next level.

Happiness is in the anticipation

Despite the fact that shared experiences bring us happiness themselves, the anticipation for them and the thought that something nice is awaiting us, charges us with even more positive energy! As the saying goes – the best part of the trip is the thought of the trip itself. And what can we say about anticipating a secret trip? We are taking you and a loved one to a secret location somewhere in the Rhodopes… Together you will share the exciting feeling of discovering this snug, sheltered and hidden in the mountain place.

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