Terms оf Service


  1. By visiting the site's homepage, the service recipient is able to get acquainted directly or via a link with offers for goods or services promoted through the website.
    By an active action - selecting a link, banner, active button or picture, the service recipient declares that he/ she is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the website and unconditionally accepts them.
  2. If the service recipient wants to conclude a contract via the internet platform provided, he/she makes an electronic statement for the conclusion of a distance sales agreement through the group shopping scheme with an advance payment to the account of "IDEA LAB" Ltd. The distance sales agreement is considered concluded upon making the prepayment. In the case of a prepaid amount, the service provider shall send to the service recipient an e-mail containing a confirmation of the payment made, granting the right to purchase the good or service promoted in a specific offer published on the site.


  1. The service recipient may order on the website a voucher for one or more specific experiences promoted by a trader via the internet platform.
  2. The voucher ordering process includes the following consecutive steps / stages:
  3. selection of goods or service in the form of an experience or a gift (including description, price, quantity selection);
  4. choice of delivery method - online voucher, a gift envelope or a gift box;
  5. opportunity to add a personal message;
  6. adding the selected product or service to the service recipient's virtual basket via the virtual cart button;
  7. following the addition of a good or service to the user's shopping cart for the specific user session on the website, the recipient is transferred to the next page of the site containing information about all goods or services added to the cart (name of the good or service, number, total price of all units of the goods or services, possibility to add notes and additional information to the order, a link to the text of the then current General Terms and Conditions of Use of the site, field for express consent to the General Terms and Conditions and virtual buttons for switching to a payment procedure, possibility for going back and continue shopping, possibility for changing the number of ordered items from a good or service, possibility to remove a product or a service added to the cart). The service recipient cannot proceed to the next stage of the voucher order process, unless he/ she expressly agrees with the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the site by ticking the box provided. By agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions the service recipient declares that he/ she has read and accepts the General Terms and Conditions of the Site valid at the time of the order. By pressing the virtual button "Next" the service recipient goes to the next step (stage) of the process of ordering a good or a service;
  8. the process continues by loading a new page of the site "Customer Information", where the service recipient has to fill in his/ her e-mail, unless he/ she already has a profile on the website. At this stage, he/ she may request to receive news and information about goods and services promoted on the website of the service provider. On this page the customer shall also fill in his/ her delivery details.
  9. the service recipient may claim a discount if he / she is entitled to such, by pressing the virtual button "Apply" next to the field "Discount" on the current active page;
    • if the requested voucher is on a physical carrier that requires courier delivery, the service recipient shall enter a delivery address.

    • if the requested voucher is on a physical carrier that requires courier delivery, by pressing the virtual button "Continue to delivery method" the service recipient goes to the next stage of the ordering process.

    • Upon selecting "Delivery Method" the service recipient will be provided with information on the possible ways of delivery of the good or service, where the price for each delivery method will be indicated. By electronically pressing the virtual button "Continue to payment methods" the service recipient goes to the next stage of the ordering process;


  1. On a new page of the website the service recipient may fill in the information for payment of the ordered goods or service. The service recipient can choose from several payment methods - credit or debit card, PayPal electronic payment system, wire transfer, cash on delivery. The service provider will provide the service recipient with information on the price of the ordered goods / service, the return policy, part of the General Terms and Conditions and the General Terms of use at all stages of the order described in Art. 35 of these General Terms and Conditions.
  2. The purchase of a voucher is confirmed by the service provider:Immediately after receipt of the payment by bank transfer. If the service recipient pays the value of the voucher by bank transfer, this obligation must be executed within 24 hours after the completion of the voucher order on the website. Otherwise, the availability and the price of the voucher ordered cannot be guaranteed by the service provider. The voucher is sent to the service recipient immediately after receiving the payment (within the stated work hours) in the manner and within the terms for delivery selected by the recipient upon making the order. 
    1. Immediately (within the indicated work hours) after the successful completion of the payment when paying by a credit or debit card. The voucher is sent to the service recipient within one business day from the payment for an electronic voucher (within the indicated work hours) and according to the courier service's conditions for the material form of the voucher.
  1. Upon receipt of the payment, the service provider sends an order confirmation to the service recipient by an email notification, accompanied by an electronic version of the purchased voucher.
  2. The service provider is required to issue to the service recipient a confirmation document for the purchase of the voucher.
  3. All prices of the goods and services promoted on the site are in Bulgarian Leva, including VAT, if applicable. The prices indicated on the website for goods and services do not include packaging and delivery costs, which are additionally paid by the service recipient depending on his/ her choices when making the order.
  4. Exchange rates used by Shopify are updated twice a day on the basis of the exchange rates found at XE.com. Although tariffs are automatically updated at 00:00 GMT and 07:00 GMT, it may take up to a few hours to reflect the update after the specified time. Regardless of the currency selected by the user, Shopify always processes the orders in BGN.
  5. The confirmation of each order includes the following mandatory elements: order number / unique code, name of the ordered product, number, unit price and total price, type of voucher delivery and costs, payment method, delivery address, supplier company data.


  1. The service provider delivers the ordered and activated voucher in one of the following ways, based on the preferences of the service recipient, indicated while making the order:
    1. Online - an online voucher is immediately sent upon confirmation of the payment (within the stated work hours). No additional packaging and delivery costs are charged;
    2. Gift envelope - the price for packaging and delivery is paid separately from the voucher price. Packaging and delivery method are selected by the service recipient upon making the order;
    3. Luxury box - the price for packaging and delivery is paid separately from the voucher price. Packaging and delivery method are selected by the service recipient upon making the order.
  1. Gift Come True works with Speedy courier company. All orders made on weekdays until 17:00 are delivered within 1 business day in Sofia and 2 business days in the country. The cost of delivery is 5 BGN.


  1. Gift vouchers purchased via Gift Come True can be cancelled for full refund within 14 calendar days of purchasing the Gift Voucher if the activity has not already been booked.
  2. To exercise his right of refund, you must give written notice to us by email office@giftcometrue.com or by using a withdrawal form, giving details of the order and its delivery. Please note that refund requests made by phone will not be accepted.
  3. Once we receive the Withdrawal Form, you should receive a refund confirmation email from us.
  4.  Packaging and delivery costs are non-refundable and will be deducted from the refund payment.
  5. The refund payment is made by bank transfer to a bank account specified by the recipient and if originally purchased by credit or debit card, the refund will be credited to the same card.
  6. Refunds are only made to the person who purchased the Gift Voucher.
  7. Gift Vouchers become non-refundable once they have been registered using their unique code. After confirming a reservation with the third-party supplier, the voucher is considered to have been used and the reservation cannot be changed without the express consent of the third-party supplier.
  8. Gift Vouchers for classes, events, concerts, performances and other fixed date events with limited spaces are non-refundable.


  1. Gift Vouchers  can be exchanged once within 12 months of the date of purchase.
  2. Exchanged Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of exchange.
  3. If you want to exchange a Gift Voucher and the order total value is less than its value, the remaining balance will not be refunded.
  4. If your order exceeds the value of the Gift Voucher, please get in touch with us. We will send you by email a promo code you can use to pay the exceeding amount by credit or debit card.
  5. If the merchant promoting the good or service is unable to provide the purchased service, the service recipient will receive a proposal for another similar service at the same or higher value.
  6. Gift Vouchers for classes, events, concerts, performances and other fixed date events with limited spaces cannot be exchanged. 


  1. The service provider also issues Monetary Gift Cards at a certain price.
  2. Monetary Gift Cards are valid for 12 months.
  3. Monetary Gift Cards can be used for any activity promoted on the site www.en.giftcometrue.com .
  4. Monetary Gift Cards are non-refundable.
  5. One Monetary Gift Card can be used for more than one voucher.
  6. You will receive the Monetary Gift Card immediately after completion of the order and confirmation of the payment according to the delivery terms.
  7. "IDEA LAB" Ltd is not responsible for incorrectly submitted data to the recipient of the Monetary Gift Card /f.e. e-mail address etc. /. The one who has ordered the voucher is responsible.
  8. "IDEA LAB" Ltd. is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged Monetary Gift Card.


  1. Each voucher contains a unique code and a period of validity within which the user may take advantage of the service or commodity subject to the purchase. After this period the voucher becomes invalid. 
  2. The voucher can only be used after registration of its unique code on the giftcometrue.com page.
  3. Each voucher can be used only once within 12 months of its purchase. 
  4. The voucher is not personalized and can be used by anyone who has its information and fulfills the terms of a certain service. The voucher user may be different from the service recipient and must take into account the terms of use of the service, determined individually by the merchant promoting the good / service for which the voucher applies (for example, years, weight, health, driver's license and so on/. These terms of use are published on the website for each commodity/ service, if there are any special requirements. The service recipient and the user of the voucher are responsible for the user's compliance with these conditions. If the user does not comply with these conditions and as a result the service cannot be performed, the service provider is not responsible and the amounts paid will not be refunded.
  5. When filling in the individualized text of the voucher, the service recipient bears full responsibility for the text and shall be obliged not to use racist, pornographic and other unacceptable texts, pursuant to the law and these General Terms and Conditions. "IDEA LAB" Ltd. reserves the right to control the individual voucher text and, if necessary, has the right to remove it if it finds it unacceptable.
  6. Vouchers are not personal and can be used by anyone who possesses the voucher information (unique code). In case of a lost / stolen voucher, the service recipient or user of the voucher must immediately notify the service provider in writing or by telephone so as to block the voucher. "IDEA LAB" Ltd. is not responsible for any fraudulently used vouchers, if we have not been informed in due time that the voucher has been lost or stolen. In this case, the amounts paid will not be refunded.
  7. Each service recipient who has registered a user profile on the website, has access to the history of his/ her orders in the relevant website account.
  8. Upon cancellation or postponement of a commodity or a service (experience) by the promoter, the voucher user may submit claims only against the relevant promoting merchant.
  9. "IDEA LAB" Ltd. provides through its website services related to offers for organization and / or hosting of teambuilding events by third parties. This type of service is provided upon explicit request and based on the specific requirements of the service recipient, as a result of which the service provider prepares a service-specific concept and sends it by email to the service recipient for coordination and confirmation.
  10. Terms of cancellation and full terms and conditions: here.