Striving for perfection: presents that will delight even the most demanding Virgos

If there’s one star sign that you either love or hate – that’s the Virgo for sure! It is critical and demanding, but also loyal, reliable, with a sharp mind and a never ending strive for perfection. Perfectionists at heart, the representatives of this star sign possess an impeccable attention to detail and often notice things that others might have missed. And because they themselves put a lot of effort in everything they do, the efforts on your end wouldn’t go unnoticed too! Your diligence to create not just a present for them, but an experience to remember, will be highly appreciated. So, for our dearest Virgos: we are giving some ideas for presents that will satisfy even their demanding nature! 

Because the ruling planet of this star sign is Mercury, Virgos are strongly influenced by its energy that creates an affinity for travel, exploration and interactions with different people. And because in addition to that, Virgos are in love with the artistic expression, we are creating the perfect experience for them at the place, where the mountain meets the sea and the smell of forest gets mixed with the sea breeze… We are taking them to the “Old houses” for a true rest among the beauty of nature and the mineral water pool and Jacuzzi. All of this - topped off with a lesson in pottery for two, where the warmth of the clay will drive the artistic energy of the Virgos and give them the opportunity to create something of their very own. 

Let's continue with the trips! We are sending the Virgos to explore some new places– this time together with their loved one. Although they are not one of those, who get easily attached, when they find “the one” they turn into the most loyal and dedicated partners. We are gifting them an experience filled with perfect harmony and tranquility, where they will both connect with nature and the person beside them – romance on saddles with horse riding and a lunch for two in the “El paso” ranch, looking at the magnificent Rila, Verila and Vitosha. 

We find it just as romantic on the hill over the village of Glavan – among the forests of Sakar, the symphony of the crickets and the aroma of garden herbs and maturing wine… We are finding ourselves at a place where nothing else matters and where you can enjoy panoramic views, home-made food, tasting of specially-selected wine and the ultimate relaxation for two in a SPA center with sauna, steam bath, salt room, swimming pool and Jacuzzi.  With this experience, you are gifting the Virgo the ideal getaway from the daily hustle and bustle!

Another common feature of the Virgos is that they are extremely organized! Their methodic approach to life means that nothing is left to chance. This is why this map of dreams is a suitable present for them! It helps one focus on their dreams and goals and turn them into a reality. It will perfectly fit this star sign, which is constantly planning, projecting and achieving. On the other hand, if you’d rather challenge your favorite Virgo and put their analytical thinking to the test, then take them to this escape room – “The da Vinci code”, where they will need to think and act quickly as they will only have 60 minutes to escape! 

Apart from great intellectuals though, Virgos are usually great cooks as well! And because they are naturally very curious and always ready to learn something new, another present that would suit them well is a culinary course on Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Turkish or Japanese cuisine, for example.

Finally, we are transforming the Virgo women and helping them become the best version of themselves! We are making their skin look fresh and radiant with the professional 4-in-1 facial therapy, we are immersing them in the magic of the East with a Thai massage, aroma oils and a detox bath, we are sending them to a boutique salon for a manicure, pedicure and a hair dry. Or, we are gifting them a personal consultation with a professional make-up artist, who will show them how to highlight their own beauty in the best way possible. Experiences that will make the Virgo both feel and look good! 

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