The perfect present for a Scorpio: moved by courage, intuition and the heart

Determined, tireless, bold, independent, loyal and dedicated – this is what the Scorpios are like! Moved by courage, intuition and the heart, you will never see them stuck in the middle –they like living in the extremes. Indifference isn’t something they are familiar with as their emotions are always saturated and intense! They can hate you as much as they can love you, however, if you happen to be part of their immediate circle, no doubt you have already noticed their deep dedication. They are ready to do everything for those they love! And they deserve the same in return. Gift them an emotion, an experience, a feeling that they are special! Here are some ideas how.

Scorpio is probably the most sensual zodiac sign and intimacy is extremely important for its representatives. They get into relationships quite carefully and sometimes they take a lot of time before they put their trust in someone. Once they do it though they turn into the most devoted and caring people ever. Gift them a moment of privacy and safety, where they can express this tender side of theirs – in Katarino SPA amidst a boron forest far from the daily routine, in the cozy wooden houses of Leshten with a warm fireplace, or in the romantic castle-winery Chateau Copsa located amidst endless vineyards near Sopot.

Similarly to their romantic relationships, Scorpios are extremely loyal in their friendships as well. They are lovely friends and it’s a true luck to have them by your side. Apart from this, they like having fun and they are always up for an adventure in a good company. This super fun course on preparing, mixing and tasting cocktails together with a group of friends will certainly put the Scorpio and all of their friends in great mood!

Another common feature of the representatives of this star sign is that they are absolutely fearless. With their inherent courage, confidence and determination, you can rarely catch them being hesitant or uneasy. This is why we are challenging them: to get involved in an off-road adventure by driving an ATV, a buggy or a SMART, to go up in the sky with a paraglider or to find themselves between the earth and the sky by bungee jumping!

Let us not forget that Scorpio is maybe the most secretive sign. Scorpios keep both their own secrets as well as those of others quite well. That’s what makes us think they would be really intrigued by the secret trip. And in order to combine their affinity to the mysterious with the dedication to their group of friends, we are getting them involved in this escape room and the challenge of the da Vinci code.

Finally, because the Scorpios can get quite impatient and nervous at times, it’s maybe a good idea to gift them an experience, with which they can restore their inner balance. Flotation is a non-standard method for that – weightless floating in a space egg implemented through a saturation of filtered water with magnesium sulfate, which allow both the body and the mind to fully relax. Or, go for a SPA recharge in the thermal and aqua zone of the most contemporary SPA center in Bulgaria for a complete relaxation and aromatherapy for all of the senses.

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