Which are the most liked Valentine’s Day gifts? [Infographic]

It is already February and now there is not only fine dust particles in the air but also love. Of course not everyone is this enthusiastic about Valentine’s day – some don’t like the idea of celebrating foreign holidays, others believe love shouldn’t be demonstrated on one day only, and others even prefer the fine dust particles to all this „cuteness overload“.

But still, if you are like us – always looking for an occasion to celebrate the good things in life, you are probably also anxiously looking for a gift for your significant other. We’ve also been searching, believe us. We didn’t want to buy one more stupid gift, which we’d thought is actually cool and original. That’s why we finally realized that clichés are clichés because they work and we have to trust the numbers, despite fancying the words much more.

We researched which are the most liked Valentine’s day gifts. We took notice from Statista’s insights from 2017 on the topic but we also looked up our own sales data to prepare two infographics, aiming to give you some hints on what a lovely gift to prepare this year.

No surprise, right? The pralines, the card and the bouquet are classics that will probably always hold the first places in such charts. Immediately behind them are the romantic dinners. As boring and predictable these ideas may sound, don't dismiss them precisely because they are predictable. Your other half will certainly expect at least one of them. Almost like a birthday party without a cake or a party without balloons.

And now top 5 most popular Valentine’s day gifts from Gift Come True:

  1. Indulgent Wine Tasting and a four course meal at La Bottega Restaurant
  2. A Mediterranean Culinary Adventure for Two
  3. Bread, love and wine... how to make artisan bread
  4. A Motivational Flight
  5. Paint and wine

We’ve also prepared new exclusive offers for this year’s Valentine’s day! Take a look:

Say “I love You” with a Bottle of Wine

Add even more romance to the special day with a unique personalized bottle of wine for your loved one from Angelus Estate Bulgaria. Give love and warm emotions to a true wine lover.

Chocolate, love and wine: a culinary experience for couples. Sofia

On the most romantic day of the year, take your beloved one and enjoy one real chocolate adventure. Under the careful guidance of Chef Veselin Doykov you will prepare / and taste! / different types of chocolate temptations. And all this, garnished with selected wine.

Say “I love you” with a song

Surprise your loved one with an unexpected “I love you”. Make them feel special with a wonderful musical experience- a serenade exclusively performed for them.

Gelato tasting, two coffee specials and half a kilo of ice cream, for two. Sofia

You’re invited to an icy-sweet tasting for two of 10 different gelato flavours, made of natural ingredients, on spot at Gelato Fabbrica. These will be accompanied with tasty add-ons and mouth-watering espresso specialties.


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