Exploring the world with the curious Gemini: 10 interesting and unusual experiences for every representative of the sign

Those born in the period between the 22nd of May and the 21st of June fall into the star sign of the Gemini – one of the most communicative, curious and energetic signs in the whole zodiac! The Geminis tend to have a quite ambivalent nature: they quickly switch between moods and opinions, so sometimes it is quite hard for the people around to read them! On the other hand, though, they are remarkable intellectuals and people that it is impossible to get bored with! Quite logically then – they themselves cannot stand boredom. Having fun, meeting new people and enjoying life to the fullest is what their soul truly desires! The interesting and unusual experiences really do make them happy. So, if you have a favorite Gemini, who is to celebrate their birthday soon, here are some ideas for such experiences that you could gift them!

We are starting up high, from the air – where the Geminis feel at their best because that’s their element. We are letting go of control and we are leaving it all in their hands with the motivational plane flight! This is a piloting lesson for the Cessna 172 – a landmark in the world aviation history from the 1955 up until now! And for even higher adrenaline levels, we are gifting them a tandem bungee jump and the feeling of being between the earth and the sky with a loved one. This feeling cannot be described, it should be experienced. 

One of the most common features of the Geminis is that they simply cannot sit calmly without doing anything! They like constantly being on the go, otherwise, they get immensely bored. This is why we are offering not only to pull them out of the routine with these experiences, but to get them involved in extreme activities with intense emotions. With the rafting adventure on the Struma river, for example, we will descend your Gemini down the longest rafting track in Bulgaria – entire 12 km., with the canyoning of Sheitan dere we will give them the opportunity to jump, swim and dive into the waters of two waterfalls, whereas with the rappelling on the Vlahi Falls we will carry them over to a quite different water world, where the only right route is the natural route of the water!

Apart from being very active, the Geminis are also among the most curious star signs! They have an extremely alert mind, they love reading, learning new things, visiting various courses and seminars. So if your Gemini is keen on cooking, our culinary suggestions, will surely be appreciated. Because bread making itself is a magical ritual… and the hand kneading with kvass is pure art, а skill that needs to be passed on to you so that you can fully master it. And if your relative or friend is not that into cooking, gift them some pleasure both for the body and the soul with these dancing lessons. They provide the perfect for every Gemini combination of fun and learning something new.

Speaking of fun… it is worth mentioning that the representatives of this star sign are super sociable and because of this, they are usually surrounded by many friends. They adore parties, gatherings, big groups of people and more often than not you will find them in the spotlight of the party. So it is safe to say that they are simply made for this thematic party on a luxurious yacht with their favorite friends and a lot of music, champagne and dancing. Or, for this one and only in Bulgaria “Safari bar” on wheels, which promises to take the whole squad to the most secretive and beautiful corners of the mountain, while the party keeps going!

It is already clear that the Geminis know perfectly well how to have fun. Very often though they have no idea how to slow down, to rest, to relax… this is why you can gift them some calmness and peace at a place situated amidst aromas of herbs and maturing wine, amidst the forests of Sakar… at “Zaara Estate” with panoramic views, home-made food, wine tasting and SPA.

And if this sounds too peaceful for your active Gemini, it would be a good idea to combine the rest with some sort of activity: horse riding is a great example. The authentic “El Paso” ranch in the village of Kovachevtsi gives everyone the opportunity to dive into the beauty of nature and at the same time to get close to the horses from the American Paint Horse and Quarter horse breeds – heirs of the legendary mustangs.

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