Cooking classes

If you want to learn to cook or improve your culinary skills, cooking courses are the perfect way to do it. They will help you learn new techniques and improve the ones you already know. These courses are the perfect gift for people who love food ! The cooking courses we offer will reveal the secrets of cuisines from all over the world and help you find new friends who just like you share their love for food! Enjoy some special time spent with others, unlock the chef in you!

What types of culinary courses will you find on Gift Come true

Here you’ll find different types of cooking courses - for beginners and advanced. The cooking lessons we offer cover the following cuisines:

  • Italian cuisine
  • Spanish cuisine
  • Mexican cuisine
  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • Asian cuisine
  • Indian cuisine
  • Moroccan cuisine
  • French cuisine
  • desserts
  • healthy cuisine
  • burgers
  • traditional Bulgarian dishes and many others

Our Culinary Courses provide a lot of theoretical information and practical demonstrations of various cooking techniques, including tricks for cutting, storing, seasoning food, cooking duration and flavor combinatorics.

You will acquire skills to prepare any type of food: fish, meat and vegetarian, baked goods and sweets, vegan dishes.

With our culinary vouchers, you will also get to know the different methods of cooking at home or in a professional environment, including baking, gas cooking, grilling, etc. You will learn techniques such as: blanching, glazing, grilling, caramelizing, pickling, breading, baking, frying, sauteing and many others.

Why choose a voucher for a culinary course

Learning to prepare food is more than cooking - it's a way of life and a philosophy that can help you in your everyday life. When you prepare food at home, you can control the quality of the products you use, skillfully combine ingredients and create healthy delicacies.

The culinary vouchers we offer are a great way to give a loved one an unforgettable experience in the world of cooking, time to relax and to meet new people.

This is a perfect gift for any occasion: birthday, name day, anniversary, Christmas, etc. It is suitable as a gift for both women and men, friends and families. If youl get "lost" in the huge variety of courses, you can always choose the “culinary adventure of your choice” voucher. With it, the recipient can choose any specific course!

Why choose a culinary course from Gift Come True?

With our vouchers for culinary courses, we will immerse you in the joy of choosing! In addition to partnering with the most renowned and good culinary schools in Bulgaria, we offer a constant variety of courses throughout the year at the Menu Culinary School, Yummy Cooking Culinary School, METRO Academy, HRS Culinary Academy.

Our courses are led by experienced master chefs with extensive culinary experience who will guide and support you on your way to creating culinary masterpieces. Winners of reality shows or recognized chefs will welcome you with a smile: chef Darin Stoykov, chef Ivelina Ivanova, Men in the kitchen, chef Niki Nemigenchev...

Choose a culinary course at a competitive price - quickly and easily, with a few clicks!