Gastronomic tourism and rural experiences

Discover Bulgaria’s rich tradition and cultural wealth with our collection of gastronomic tours and rural adventures. Here you can enjoy the variety of Bulgarian culinary specialties and immerse yourself in the beauty of our folklore culture.

Choose from unique culinary workshops specially prepared for you throughout Bulgaria, where you will prepare traditional dishes with the help of a local host. Immerse yourself in the magic of village or small town life, escape the urban jungle and enjoy moments of peace and solitude with nature and the taste of real organic products grown with love.

Meet the hosts of each location in person and learn more about their story filled with love and respect for the ingredients of the food and the people who have shared this years-old recipes. Get to know the local traditions, enrich your knowledge and accumulate positive and warm emotions from these unique experiences, suitable both for a non-standard gift for a loved one whom you love, and for yourself!

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The types of gastronomic tours you will find on Gift Come True

Here you will find gastronomic tours and rural adventures in:

  • Western Bulgaria
  • Eastern Bulgaria
  • Southern Bulgaria
  • Northern Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country known for its rich folklore culture, abundance of traditions and customs, deeply rooted in the identity of our people. Through our tours, you will have the opportunity to rediscover this cultural wealth by meeting and exchanging experiences with the local people, who will proudly present to you their customs and rituals, and culinary secrets.

Why choose a voucher for gastronomic tourism and rural adventures

Our gastronomic tours will take you on a culinary journey through the different regions of Bulgaria, where you will discover the diversity of our cuisine. Each region has its unique dishes made with pure, organic products. Our culinary workshops will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn how to prepare traditional food and enjoy the flavors preserved through the generations and handed down with lots of love!

These experiences are available nationwide and are perfect for a non-standard and charming gift or the perfect weekend getaway for you and a loved one. With them, you will not only meet interesting people and age-old traditions, but you will also have the opportunity to try clean, organic food prepared from organic ingredients.

We invite you on a journey in the world of Bulgarian folklore, culinary arts and rural customs. Immerse yourself in the heart of Bulgaria and enjoy the holidays, dances, music and stories that make our culture so unique and attractive. Make a weekend unforgettable!

Meet the local people who are proud inheritors of centuries-old traditions and who will share their knowledge and skills with you. Each village, each community has its own history, its own unique character, which will enrich you with new experiences and memories, and heart-warming emotions.

Why choose a voucher for gastronomic tourism from Gift Come True

Thanks to our partners from, we have the pleasure of offering truly unique experiences for Bulgaria. The network of accommodation and hosts is carefully developed, with partners dedicated to passing on the knowledge, experience and emotions generated by their love for the native customs. By purchasing a voucher as a gift or for yourself for gastronomic tourism and village adventures, you support our partners and give them the opportunity to continue to fully tell their unforgettable story, to pass on a unique experience and to introduce more and more people to the uniqueness of rural life, lived in harmony with nature and keeper of the most intimate traditions.