2 selected special coffees and gift 1 late cup with saucer


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With this offer you give 2 pieces of special coffees x 0,200 kg.: Ethiopia Guji Abyssinian and Brazilian Toffee  with a gift of 1 piece of  late cup with saucer.


Dry (natural) prepared espresso mixture impresses with low, fine fruity acidity and chocolate  sweetness. The aromatic notes of toasted almonds and toffee/caramel complement its character in a well-balanced cup.

BRAZIL TOFFEE originates in the Cerrado region, Brasil.  Coffee producers in this region fully meet the requirements in the field of food safety, environmental responsibility and social responsibility.

  • Variety: Catuai Amarelo
  • Region: Cerrado, Brazil
  • Height: 1100 m.

Ethiopia is considered the cradle of coffees and is known for being located in the forests of Kaffa,  a region where Wild Arabica wild grains grew.

This coffee comes from southwestern Ethiopia. After the harvest, a large number of farmers with usually small production yield bring their fruits together to the central "washing" stations, instead of processing their coffee with their own machines. Here the coffee is selected again and remains exposed to the sun of the so-called "African drying beds", also known as suspended beds. The drying process can take up to 14 days. For a homogeneous reduction in humidity to approximately 12% coffee is turned several times a day.

Ethiopia Abyssinian Mocca is a coffee with a very strong fruity aroma, sweet, with notes of dried fruits.

  • Region: sidamo
  • Altitude: 1400 – 2200 m.
  • Variety: heriloom varieties

Delivery is included in the price and only for the territory of Bulgaria. The coffees are whole beans and can be ground upon prior request.

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