4 selected special coffees x 0,200 kg. with gift 2 espresso cups with saucers


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4 special coffees x 0,200 kg.: Brazilian Toffee, Colombia Popayan, Mexico Chiapas  and Nicaragua Las Mimosas  with gift 2 espresso cups with saucers.

  1. BRAZILIAN TOFFEE – Dry (natural) prepared espresso mixture impresses with low, fine fruity acidity and chocolate sweetness. The aromatic notes of toasted almonds and toffee/caramel complement its character in a well-balanced cup.
  2. COLOMBIA POPAYAN – Due to the properties of soil, altitude and processing, in the cup of coffee we find a very good aroma of caramel, balanced acidity, dense body, which combine the notions of a pleasantly sweet cocoa aftertaste.
  3. MEXICO CHIAPAS – Your nose will explode from the bouquet of bright aromas, notes of red raspberry and dark chocolate, and in the background we find delicate vanilla and strawberries. Mexico Chiapas is memorable, with a typical palate acid animated game, with an aftertaste of fine caramel and a simultaneous silky body that makes you want more and more...
  4. 4.NICARAGUA LAS MIMOSAS - Small farmers produce this fine coffee blend  called Las Mimosas on their small plots of 1 to 5 hectares. This coffee comes with solid chocolate notes combined with a light citric acidity. It is a classic Central American cup that is an excellent base for espresso and nut filter coffees.

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