A selection of 3 special coffees x 0,200 kg


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  • A selection of 3 special coffees x 0,200 kg
  • A selection of 3 special coffees x 0,200 kg
  • A selection of 3 special coffees x 0,200 kg

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Coffee is a wonderful start to the day! Say your "Good Morning" to a loved one or friend with a fresh and awakening scent.

The offer offers a choice of delivery package:


Package 1: BRAZILIAN TOFFEE – Dry (natural) prepared espresso mixture impresses with low, fine fruity acidity and chocolate sweetness. The aromatic notes of toasted almonds and toffee/caramel complement its character in a well-balanced glass. Variety: Catuai Amarelo from region: Cerrado, Brazil.

COLOMBIA POPAYAN – Due to soil, altitude and processing, in the cup of coffee we find a very pleasant aroma of caramel, balanced acidity, dense body, which combine the notions of a pleasantly sweet cocoa aftertaste. Variety: Caturra/Typica from region: Sierra Nevada, Colombia.

MEXICO CHIAPAS – Explosion of a bouquet of bright aromas, notes of red raspberry and dark chocolate, with a hint of delicate vanilla and strawberries. Mexico Chiapas is memorable, with a typical acidic animated game, with a aftertaste of fine caramel and a simultaneous silky body that makes you want more and more. Variety: Typica/Caturra/Bourban from region: Chiapas, Mexico.


Package 2: COLOMBIA IPSILON - Coffee with a fascinating taste of vanilla, strawberry, walnut and black tea. We find light and pleasant citric acid, giving freshness and aroma. Variety: Caturra/Colombia from region: Huila, Colombia.

COLOMBIA OMEGA - With each sip of Colombia Omega you can feel the fruity taste of raspberries, cherries, and hibiscus. Dense body and pleasant wine acidity. The Pink bourbon variety is a hybrid of yellow and red bourbon and is found extremely often in the Huila region. Region: Huila, Colombia.

COSTA RICA OLYMPIA – Costa Rica boasts eight coffee growing regions. Colombia Olympia comes from the Western Valley region, in close proximity to the well-known nature reserve "Reserva Forestal Peñas Blancas", "Parque Nacional Juan Castro Blanco", and "Parque Nacional Volcán Poás".
Smallholders grow this coffee at altitudes ranging from 1400m to 1700m above sea level. The microclimatic conditions in this volcanic area have a beneficial effect on coffee and the formation of coffee cherries.

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