Brewing of beer and burgers | Sofia | 20 May


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Homebrew beer and burgers Practical course for brewing homebrew and making burgers

Mankind has been brewing beer for almost as long as it has been making bread for at least 7000,<> years! Most of this time, beer was produced at home or by artisans and small local businesses, just like bread. The process of making beer is not complicated. It goes through several basic steps that turn malted barley and the hops added to it into our favorite aromatic liquid with the help of water, yeast and weather. This course aims to convey the basics of the brewing process and its application at home.

what we will learn: – A brief history of beer, types of beer and their production
– Malt: What it is, techniques for saccharification of malt and filtration – Boiling of wort and addition of the different portions of hops (bitter, aromatic)
– Hops:
Meaning, varieties, parameters and use
– Techniques for cooling the wort

– Types of beer yeast, wort yeast, fermentation
– Basic concepts of cleaning and disinfection

What we will do:
During the course we will boil together an American Pale Ale, passing all the stages of a brewing day. In parallel, you will be able to taste already brewed and aged beer of the same style, pre-produced in an identical way. In addition to beer, we will make together with Chef Ivelina Ivanova and try irresistible suggestions for beer:
• crispy polenta
chips • aromatic spicy potato chips • zucchini chips with aioli sauce

• beef burger with homemade potato bread, baked balsamic onion, barbecue sauce, parmesan and bacon

Speakers: Mihail Irinchev and Chef Ivelina Ivanova

Date and time: 20 May 2023 (Saturday) from 10:00 to 16:00

Location: Menu School, Sofia, Ul. Maestro Mihail Milkov 6-8

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and start using their kitchen skillfully.

Original gift experience for: man, woman, couples, families, friends.

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