Bungee jump – from a hot-air balloon with video capture


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Adrenaline to the max and a breathtaking experience with a bungee jump from a hot air balloon! Jump from the edge of the basket and give yourself one of the most exciting experiences known in the world! Provoke your courage and bravery!

The offer includes:

  • Bungee jump from a height of 100 meters
  • Preparation and instruction
  • Video with HD camera

Location: The jumps are performed in the town of Novi Iskar or the village of Mramor near Sofia, depending on the weather conditions.

The service is offered all year round.

The experience is not recommended for people with the following health problems: high blood pressure, heart problems, high myopia, as well as for pregnant women. The jump is from a height of 100 m and the limit is up to 115 kg.

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