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Welcome to the world of culinary!
This voucher in your hands means you are not only a food-lover, but a specialist (or you are just about to turn yourself into one, just wait!).

Whether you are a fan of Bulgarian, Italian, French, Japanese, Mexican or Spanish cuisine - we believe that you will discover or rediscover! the one that excites you the most!
Choose the country whose culinary features and tastes you want to get to know and taste ... and put your apron on!

Note: don’t forget to share it with your best friends! :)
Cooking voucher that gives you the opportunity to choose among all cooking classes

A wide range of some of the best cooking schools in Bulgaria - Yummy, Metro Academy, or Menu school and HRC Culinary Academy.

Master chef to assist you

All necessary products during the chosen course

Tasting the prepared meals.

Cooking courses are suitable for all who want to expand their knowledge regardless of their age and skills.


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