Detox Therapy? Massage? Salt Cave? Yes Please!


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  • Детокс терапия в солна пещера
  • Detox Therapy? Massage? Salt Cave? Yes Please!
  • Detox Therapy? Massage? Salt Cave? Yes Please!

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Detox Therapy? Massage? Salt Cave? Yes Please.

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  • Stress, exhaustion and fatigue are three toxins we all face, poisoning our bodies and compromising our quality of life. Salt can be a life-saver, forcing the body to eject harmful toxins for a comprehensive reboot.

    Salt Caves are one of the most powerful places to enjoy these incredible benefits which, fused with classic and reflective massage, provide more than just a pamper session, but a life-changing experience.



  • • Revive and restore your body’s vital forces and functions.

    • Surrender to complete relaxation, using purified salt to cleanse the body, mind and soul.

    • Salt particles below three microns have been proven to expedite lymphatic flux.

    • Massage, combined with acupressure and manual techniques, offers a winning way to kickstart the metabolism, drive out toxins, and boost your immune system.

    • Ionized and structured water.

    • 60-minute therapy at MettaSpace, Sofia.

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