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Discover the beauty of Bulgaria! Mountain trek to heart of Pirin and the magic of Tevno lake

Discover the beauty of Bulgaria! Mountain trek to heart of Pirin and the magic of Tevno lake

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Dates: 22-23 June

Bulgaria is full of wonderful spots with splendid nature, and the mountains are their guardians! Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure filled with breathtaking views, unforgettable memories, a great workout for the body and tranquility for the mind. Challenge yourself, get to know the paths less travelled and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature!

Marvelous mountain ridges, the longest and the narrowest alpine rock edges in our country, the iconic Kamenitsa and Ialovarnika, the most beautiful lakes and the warmest people in all of Pirin! That’s why we call this trek and our goal Tevno ezero the heart of Pirin.

Get ready for an unforgettable place with magical colorful sunsets and sunrises and breath taking panoramic views to the beautiful Pirin.

The offer includes:

  • participation in the programme. You can choose from the drop-down menu whether to join a mixed group with a fixed date or do a VIP individual trek or trek as a couple, again individually with the guide, and on a chosen by you date.
  • licensed mountain guide
  • mountain insurance for the trip, covering 2000lv. 
  • overnight stay in the hut
  • 2-way lift ticket


Day 1:

Bezbog hut - Popovo lake - Demirkapiyska Porta - Mitrovo lake - Right Kraledvorska Porta - Kralev Dvor peak - Tevno lake hut

10:30 AM We gather at Gotse Delchev hut and we take the chair lift to Bezbog hut. From here begins our trek among the granite giants and turquoise lakes of Pirin. First, we will visit Popovo lake and on the way we will enjoy the panoramic views of Sivria, Jano, Kralev Dvor and Jengala peaks. After that, the Samodivski lakes await us and a climb to the left Kraledvorska porta, from where we will see Tevno ezero for the first time!

After recharging ourselves with the view, we will climb to Kralev Dvor Peak and finish the day with a descent to our favorite hut, Tevno Ezero, and a hearty dinner, which will be tastier than ever, especially after a day of such adventures! If the weather allows us, and we have the strength and desire, we will also visit the nearby peaks Momin Dvor and Valevishki Chukar.


Day 2:

Tevno lake hut - Jengal peak - Valevishki lakes - Jengalska Porta -  Bezbog hut

We get up very early and in about 40 minutes, we climb Momin Dvor peak to meet the sunrise over the dark teeth of Jengala! Once we've recharged with the energy of the sunrise, we'll descend back to the hut for breakfast, then head out to the ridgeline that will open our way to Jengala! The climb to the top is challenging, but the panorama it reveals covers almost all the Pirin peaks, and is definitely worth the effort!

After enjoying the view, we will go down to Valevishki Circus and its lakes. Passing along the shores of the lakes and enjoying the most beautiful view of Jengala and its needles, we will climb to Jengalska porta and return back to Bezbog hut, where our mountain adventure ends. We take the lift down to our cars and head to one of the best local restaurants to properly celebrate this weekend in the heart of Pirin!

Mandatory personal equipment:

  • mountain insurance valid for the trip
  • small knife
  • backpack with capacity 25-35l
  • small binding package with bandages and elastic bandage, rescue foil
  • high top mountain shoes
  • spare socks (2-3 pairs)
  • comfy mountain clothes
  • long mountain trousers
  • thermal underwear
  • warm sweater
  • raincoat and wind jacket
  • warm hooded jacket
  • winter hat
  • gloves (2 pairs)
  • buff or head scarf
  • head lamp or flashlight
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • trekking poles (recommended)

The trek is suitable for beginners with basic physical training. All treks are carried out in compliance with the necessary safety measures and are led by a licensed mountain guide. 

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