Lamb preparation techniques | Sofia | 2 April


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Easter is approaching and thoughts of succulent meals are getting stronger.
Do you want to surprise your loved ones and family with amazingly prepared lamb this year?
Now is the time to sign up for a course led by chef Lyuben Koichev, chief chef instructor of the training restaurant "Talanti" at the HRC Culinary Academy.

Within one day with Chef Koychev, you will master all the subtleties and techniques in choosing and preparing every single part of the lamb.

You will learn to cook different dishes and season meat to perfection:
- French rack of lamb (how to debone and make a crown of lamb)
- Flavoring and preparation of Adana Kebab
- Indian-style lamb shank
- Traditional liver sarma
- Pleshka according to "Gergiovski"

The course participants will receive all the necessary materials and products for the preparation of the dishes, and at the end you will also leave with a gift - three mixes of spices for meat, personally prepared by chef Lyuben Koichev.

    Date and time: SUNDAY, APRIL 2, 2023 FROM 10:00 AM TO 16:00 PM

    Location: HRC Culinary Academy

    The course is suitable for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and start using their kitchen skillfully. Original gift experience for: man, woman, couples, families, friends.

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