Greek cuisine 2 | Sofia | 09 May


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If you are captivated by the tastes and aromas of the dishes of our southern neighbors. You want throughout the year to feel the taste of the White Sea and the white and blue romance of the islands, welcome together to cook a rich Greek gourmet menu, worthy of the cuisine of every chef.

Lecturer: Chef Ivelina Ivanova

At the course together we will prepare:

  • Stewed octopus with red wine on fava with marinated fennel in orange and olive oil
  • Pastitsada with aromatic veal and kritaraki with saffron and kefalotiri
  • Fluffy lemon tarama caviar
  • Spicy thyrosalate
  • Tzatziki with black garlic

    Date and time: 09 May 2023  from 18:00 to 21:00

    Location: Menu School, Sofia, Ul. Maestro Mihail Milkov 6-8

    The course is suitable for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and start using their kitchen skillfully. Original gift experience for: man, woman, couples, families, friends.

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