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Laughter Yoga in a salt room and halotherapy

Laughter Yoga in a salt room and halotherapy

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For those who have everything they need. We give away dreams. We make wishes come true. We share happiness. For experimentalists!
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Bring more laughter and joy into your life and laugh unconditionally again like when you were a child! Did you know you don't need a special sense of humor to do it?

Come to the Laughter Yoga sessions in "Salty Fantasy" salt room, let's relax together and recharge for the week! We will combine the effects of salt therapy with the deep diaphragmatic breathing we activate with laughter exercises, laughter meditation and pranayama to achieve a range of health, mental, social and spiritual benefits. Laughter Yoga is a unique set of exercises combining unconditional laughter (laughter for no reason) with yoga breathing (pranayama). During laughter yoga sessions, we aim to play like children and develop our childlike playfulness, and this is easily achieved in a group where we rely on mirror neurons. It has been scientifically proven that it takes 10-15 minutes of continuous laughter to start releasing the " happy hormones", specifically the natural opiates - endorphins. In our everyday life, laughter usually lasts only a few seconds. Also, for laughter to be complete, it should come from the belly, which unfortunately is rarely obtained as an effect of a situation in everyday life. Among other things, we are always waiting for an external reason—usually an intellectual one—to start laughing, and in Laughter Yoga we just decide and do it.

In addition to our joyful relaxation, we will improve breathing with the wonderful effects of salt therapy. It leads to an increase in the capacity of the lungs, improvement of physical activity and relaxation of the nervous system.

The offer includes:

  • Laughter Yoga class
  • Halotherapy
  • Soft drink, coffee or tea and at least 24-hour good mood

Duration: 1h

Nearest date: 25.07.2024

Important: Food and/or alcohol should not be consumed within one hour of the practice. The workshop will take place with a minimum of 4 participants signed up. If the minimum is not met, the organizers will contact you to suggest another date. The practice is suitable for children above 7 years.

Location: Salt room “Salty Fantasy”, Sofia, 75A Andrey Saharov blvd.

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