Make-up lesson with a professional make-up artist


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  • Make-up lesson with a professional make-up artist
  • Make-up lesson with a professional make-up artist
  • Make-up lesson with a professional make-up artist

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Have you ever wanted to look like you’ve been to a professional make-up artist? Have you wanted to sleep at least 5 minutes more in the morning and not spend too much time on makeup? Or manage to get your makeup ready in between getting dressed and preparing the kids’ breakfast? And did you think that it is impossible if you don't spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and you are not a professional makeup artist? If you have asked yourself at least one of these questions, then this lesson is for you. We will introduce you to a professional who will teach you how to use make-up to highlight the features that make you unique and to cover up with light adjustments the little imperfections. All this quickly and without the need to invest a lot in various cosmetic products. We will emphasize the correct use of your favorite and most frequently used aesthetic cosmetics, according to your face shape and skin tones, to find what suits you best.

About the host: Gergana Katsakhyan started doing make-up about 15 years ago, when by chance she was invited on the TV show "Ogledala" to help with the preparation for the camera of several participants from "Mr. BG Lov". She then noticed that one of the contestants has problem skin and took the initiative to cover up most of the imperfections for him to look perfect on screen. Since then, Geri has been invited be a make-up artist at Evgeni Minchev's events, as well as for French and Italian hairdressers during their visits to Bulgaria. She has also done make-up of Teddy Velinova, Zhana Bergendorff, Dicho, Snezhana Makaveeva and many other ladies and gentlemen at Proms and Weddings. She currently works together with the well-known make-up artists Tsetso Andreev and Julie Angelova.

The offer includes:

  • Make up lesson hosted by a professional make-up artist
  • A glass of wine

Date and time: 28.05 at 4pm; 25.06 at 5pm; 23.07 at 5p; 27.08 at 5pm

Duration: 180 min.

Location: Salt room “Salty Fantasy”, Sofia, 75A Andrey Saharov blvd.

Important: The workshop will take place with a minimum of 3 participants signed up. If the minimum is not met, the organizers will contact you to suggest another date.


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