Moto-delta glider flight, Velingrad


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Flight with a two-seater paraglider allows to experience the excitement of flying at least once in life. You will enjoy a beautiful birds eye view of Batak Dam, Tsepina fortress, and of course the magnificent view over Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina and the Rhodopes mountain.


1. Flight 10 min

2. Flight 20 min – you will enjoy a flight over Velingrad and the Chepino valley, about 800 meters high.

3. Flight 30 min - you will fly over the Batak Dam, over Tsepina fortress, and Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina and the Rhodopes mountain

Depending on the weight of the passenger and the duration of the flight, you can reach a high of 500 m to 1900 m.

Requirements: weight up to 80kg. Height up to 1.90 m.

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