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Offroad ATV adventure. Etropole

Offroad ATV adventure. Etropole

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For those who have everything they need. We give away dreams. We make wishes come true. We share happiness. For experimentalists!
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Enjoy the beautiful forest scenery near the city of Etropole from a different angle! Experience the adrenaline and positive emotions of riding the CF MOTO 450L 4x4 2023 off-road ATVs. Specially selected routes are suitable for both adrenaline junkies and those of you who want to spend a relaxing day in nature.

The experience includes:

  • CF MOTO 450L 4x4 2023 ATV rental with automatic gears
  • Choice to ride individually or with a passenger. Please select from the drop - down menu
  • Choice of duration: 1 or 2 hours. Please select from the drop-down menu
  • Required equipment: helmet, cap and goggles
  • Instruction and guide
  • Route Selection: Please select a route when submitting your booking request. You will be able to discuss with our partner all the details about the route and the voucher when booking experience. If the route is longer in terms of time than your voucher, you can pay on spot the remaining balance. 

Important: The ATV ride may be canceled in adverse weather conditions. Then the adventure can be organized on another convenient day and time for you. If you wish to cancel an already booked adventure, you must contact the organizer at least 48 hours before the agreed time. Minors must be accompanied by a parent.

Routes to choose from when booking the experience:

Route 1: Dam (panorama) (easy, 1 hour, 20km.)

A wonderful place for locals and guests of Etropole. There is a beautiful view of the city and an excellent place for panoramic photos. There are also 3 newly built shelters offering a place for lunch or rest to the participants.

The route belongs to the medium difficulty routes. You pass through the "Staroplaninets" hut.

Route 2: waterfall and monastery (easy, 1 hour, 20km.)

Etropole Monastery of St. Trinity and Varovitets waterfall - The monastery was the most significant literary and educational center in the Bulgarian lands in the 16th and 17th centuries after the Rila Monastery, where the famous Etropole calligraphic and artistic literary school was established. The Etropole Monastery is located at the foot of the Staroplanina Black Peak - 1070m above sea level. 2 km from the village of Ribaritsa, 5 km from the town of Etropole. The route is among the easier in terms of difficulty, but that does not make it any less significant. The place is unique and offers the opportunity for great photos!

Route 3: St Atanas ancient village (easy, 1h 30 min., 20km)

A unique Thracian tradition has been preserved in Etropole since ancient times. It originated in the second millennium BC. The tradition revolves around sending off winter and welcoming spring. The route to the area, where this celebration happens passes through the vicinity of the village of Ribaritsa and the Etropole monastery. The road is very pleasant and comfortable to ride, regardless of whether you are an experienced driver or a novice.

Route 4: Ski track “Strazhata”and Hut (panorama) (mid-level, 2 hours, 45 km.)

The hut is located in the Kokalskoto area, southeast from Strazhata peak (1528m.) in the middle of a century-old beech forest. It is managed by TD "Staroplaninski turist" - town of Etropole and is located 19 km. from the city. The hut is in a convenient place for skiing and spring school, a ski instructor and a mountain guide can be provided upon request.

Route 5: Baba peak (panorama) (mid-level, 3 hours, 60km.)

Baba Peak – the second highest peak in the Etropolе part of Stara Planina with height of 1787 m. It  is located on the territory of the municipality of Etropole, 9 km south of the city. There is a divine view of the city and Stara Planina.

The entire route is about 50 km, which makes it a little more difficult than the rest, but not impossible.

Route 6: “Chertirgrad” fortress (mid-level, 2 hours, 45km.)

The "Chertigrad" fortress is a protected natural landmark (rock complexes with forest vegetation, inhabited by rare and endangered mammals and birds of prey).

Chertigrad is located in the land of the village of Brusen between the villages of Brusen, Lopyan, Yamna, Cherni Vit. The route is initially on an asphalt road until reaching the village of Yamna. Then it turns into a forest road to the ascent of the area.

Route 7: “Sokolovets” area (mid-level, 2 hours, 40km.)

A new route that allows you to really discover the beauty of the incredible Bulgarian nature. With its amazing view of the "Hemus" highway and more specifically the "Vitinya" tunnel, this area is the perfect place for a picnic and panoramic photos. You can reach this area through the village of Boykovets and its surroundings, and the journey is about 40 km with a duration of 2 hours.

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