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Pilot the classic Cessna 172 plane! Shumen

Pilot the classic Cessna 172 plane! Shumen

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For those who have everything they need. We give away dreams. We make wishes come true. We share happiness. For experimentalists!
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Give (yourself) an adventure to fly a real plane with an instructor. You can enjoy this opportunity with your friend. The plane has three seats – one for the pilot and two for passengers.

You decide where you to go: fly high towards the beautiful Shumen plateau, the majestic Shumen fortress or the crystal-clear waters of Fiseka dam. One thing is for sure - you will want to try more than once.

The offer includes:

  • Cessna 172 piloting lesson, radio equipped for communication between all passengers on board with a certified pilot
  • Briefing
  • You can select the flight duration:
    • 20 min – Shumen plateau, the Old Town, the Monument from 1300. Bulgaria, Lake Shumen
    • 30 min – Shumen plateau, the Old Town, the Monument from 1300. Bulgaria, Lake Shumen, Fiseka Peak and the beauties of Buhovtsi Dam
    • 60 min – Shumen plateau, the Old town, the Monument from 1300. Bulgaria, Lake Shumen, the Madara Rider, the medieval town of Pliska and, of course, the Great Basilica
  • The plane has three seats (pilot + 2 passengers)

 Optionally, you can request video capture in the menu

Location: Shumen

The flights comply with the weather forecast, which is accurate up to 3-4 days ahead. For the safety of the participants in the flight, in case of unforeseen weather conditions, the pilot reserves the right to decide whether to decline the flight or to postpone it for another date.

The service is offered all year round.

Requirements: Age over 14 years.

Original gift for: man, woman, family, friends.

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