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Scarf-picture with good energy

Scarf-picture with good energy

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Do you want to be able to attract only the right people in your life? People you're on a "wave" with, whether it's a love affair, friendship or business partnership.

The modern daily lives and the energies we carry within us make us strive to be authentic, to be more and more ourselves among others. If you are such a person, then these scarves are for you! They are printed on a 100/100 cm chiffon. They can be washed in a washing machine and ironed. They are accompanied by Instructions for Use and packed in a neat gift box ready for gift.

Choose one of the following scarves:

Energy scarf "I am Empress" – It will balance your energy radiation to the world, you will be more charming and inspiring in the eyes of others, the feeling of confusion will disappear and you will more easily control the situations you are in.

Energy scarf "Love and Relationships" - You will have more harmonious interactions with other people, the scarf will have a beneficial effect on you, and indirectly through you and other people.

Energy scarf "Tranquility" - You will feel a better position of the spirit and this will affect everything you do, You will feel good and you will have a positive impact on the whole situation, because you will bring additional harmony to the general energy background.

Energy scarf "Success" - You will easily see new directions and paths of action, become more creative and find new opportunities, your successful actions will be considerably more than before.

Recommendation: The scarf is personal, different people should not wear it, because it interacts with the energy of the person wearing it.

Box and delivery are included in the price. Delivery time is a minimum of 4 days to the office of a courier company (Econt).


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