Sensual art body therapy - Feel the powerful energy of the colors


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SENSUAL BODY ART THERAPY - feel the powerful energy of the colors

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  • Colors are the most powerful weapons of art.

    The goal of the SENSUAL BODY ART THERAPY is to achieve a state of relaxation, tranquility, harmony and relaxation by drawing on the body. This type of drawing creates different sensations and perceptions. It provokes our imagination and fantasy. It helps self-knowledge and frees consciousness from tension and negative thoughts. It restores the balance of mind.

    Your body will become a unique piece of art that embodies your soul.


  • • Each color has a different influence on our body - you will achieve harmony and tranquility

    • It will provoke your imagination and fantasy

    • It will regain the balance of your mind

    • You will get to know your body through painting

    • All this in an atmosphere filled with harmonious colors, paintings and art works, aromatic candles, meditative and relaxing music, a glass of tea or wine.

    • Paints are completely harmless and washable

    Duration: 80 min.

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