Shooting with 5 different weapons and 65 bullets


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Shooting with 5 different weapons and 65 bullets

  • Emotion
  • What's included
  • The thrust of the precise sight, the challenge that puts each different weapon in front of you.

    The target that awaits you. The self-control you train. The high adrenaline, which is measured by your score.

    Everything is in your hands.


  • • Qualified shooting instructor

    • 4 shooting corridors with a length of 25 meters

    • Protective equipment: earmuffs and glasses

    • Shooting with:

    - Gun 7.62x25mm - 20 bullets

    - Gun 9x19mm - 20 bullets

    - Revolver 357 Magnum - 10 bullets

    - Gun 45 caliber - 10 bullets

    - 12 caliber pump - 5 bullets

    Location: Sofia, The red gym fitness


    Experience for people over 18 only

    Shooting is not allowed for people who has used alcohol or drugs or has any psychiatric disorders.


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