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SUP adventure on a location of your choice

SUP adventure on a location of your choice

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For those who have everything they need. We give away dreams. We make wishes come true. We share happiness. For experimentalists!
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Indulge in a two-hour stand-up paddleboard (SUP) training, overlooking a picturesque landscape! While relaxing in the beauty of Bulgarian nature, you will enjoy a wonderful day, moderate physical exertion, fresh air and adventurous moments that you can share with a loved one! With a choice of 9 different locations, this experience is a must!

The experience includes:

  • Equipment: SUP, life jacket, ankle strap, paddle
  • SUP training with a professional trainer and a licensed lifeguard who is with the group for the whole duration of the experience
  • Duration: 2 hours paddling with quick breaks and a dynamic that suits everyone in the group
  • Choice of 9 different locations in Bulgaria. Please note down the location and starting hour you’d like to join when inquiring about a booking. 

Schedule and locations for 2024:

  • Pancharevo lake: 14.04; 3.05; 19.05; 1.06; 28.07; 25.08; 23.09; 6.10
  • 40 Izvora dam: 7.04; 27.04; 11.05; 8.06; 6.07; 3.08; 31.08; 28.09; 27.10
  • Golyam Beglik dam: 6.05; 16.06; 14.07; 12.08; 8.09; 13.10
  • Dospat dam: 4.05; 14.06; 12.07; 10.08; 6.09
  • Zhrebchevo dam: 20-21.04; 22-23.06; 17-18.08; 19-20.10;
  • Ognyanovo dam: 13.04; 1.05; 18.05; 2.06; 27.07; 24.08; 22.09; 5.10;
  • Pchelina dam: 17.05; 26.07; 21.09;
  • Pyasachnik dam: 8.04; 28.04; 12.05; 9.06; 7.07; 4.08; 1.09; 29.09; 26.10;
  • Shiroka polyana dam: 5.05; 15.06; 13.07; 11.08; 7.09; 12.10;

Starting hours: 10 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) literally means "upright paddling" and is a water sport that uses a board similar to a surfboard, but larger and more stable, and is steered and propelled by a paddle. In addition to providing entertainment, this water sport also becomes a workout for the whole body, by improving balance and coordination, and engaging all muscles. In recent years, SUP or paddleboarding has gained extreme popularity in different parts of the world. In London, for example, paddleboarding is practiced even in the canals of the River Thames, in the city itself!

In Bulgaria, the sport has also become popular, attracting enthusiasts to Bulgaria's beautiful rivers, lakes, dams and the Black Sea. Through this escape in nature, you guarantee yourself a well-deserved rest for the mind and a number of benefits for the body. During the trip, thanks to an experienced instructor, you will learn the basic technique of SUP paddling, how to stand up smoothly and keep balance on board. You will have the opportunity to take wonderful photos of corners inaccessible from the shore.

This activity is suitable for adults and children over 7 years of age and is a wonderful family present. 

Important: The activity takes place when a group of at least 3 people is formed  and in suitable weather conditions. The experience is suitable for beginners with no previous paddle boarding experience. The activities take place at a location chosen by the client according to a predetermined schedule. Minors must be accompanied. The price of the voucher is valid for the period April 2024. - October 2024 After this period, a surcharge may apply.

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