The Secret Trip. Magic of the Rhodope mountains


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  • The Secret Trip. Magic of the Rhodope mountains
  • The Secret Trip. Magic of the Rhodope mountains
  • The Secret Trip. Magic of the Rhodope mountains
  • The Secret Trip. Magic of the Rhodope mountains
  • The Secret Trip. Magic of the Rhodope mountains

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Challenge yourself by taking on this secret journey!

This surprise trip will take you to a picturesque village, where time stood still, nestled between beautiful mountains and wild nature.

We offer you a trip back in time and the experience of forgotten world of Bulgarian traditions in their purest form. Our hosts will welcome you to an authentic cozy house and you will enjoy homemade local food, made with love and attention to detail! The exclusive location, with impeccable service, tasty dishes and genuine exclusive feel will suite the finest of tastes.

By purchasing this experience, you contribute to the revival of Bulgarian villages. You will receive a special gift that is handmade by local women. With the help of “Ideas Factory” and “Baba Residence” locals receive the proceeds obtained from these gifts.

One week before the trip, you’ll receive two letters. The first one contains overall information for: weather conditions, food, clothes you need to take, exact distance (in km) to the location. The second letter contains detailed directions for the destination. We recommend you open the second letter on the very day of your trip and to follow all steps to fully enjoy the surprise!

The offer includes:

  • 2 overnight stays in a double bedroom
  • 2 traditional breakfasts
  • Special gift with a cause
  • 2 letters with directions and suggestions for interesting activities

Location: approx 3h 30min. by car from Sofia

Ideas for additional activities:

  • Hiking and trekking
  • Eco trails
  • Interesting nearby villages
  • Historical sites nearby
  • Offroad opportunities with own vehicle


Please let us know if you have any food allergies or specific food preferences prior booking.

Dinner can be requested at an additional cost of 50lv./person, payable at the location. The menu includes seasonal ingredients ( fresh meat and vegetables). 

We invite you to visit some unique places in Bulgaria that are not accessible with a sports car. Please ask beforehand whether your car may be suitable for reaching the destination.

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