Tourist offroad Buggy hire for two


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  • Tourist offroad Buggy hire for two
  • Tourist offroad Buggy hire for two
  • Tourist offroad Buggy hire for two

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For all those who use a different way to get to know and feel the nature around our old capital, for adventurers and extreme seekers, we offer you an off-road with tourist class buggy CF-Moto. These off-road machines are suitable for both long walks and hard-to-reach places and provide an opportunity for an unforgettable experience and wonderful views!

The offer includes: 

  • Rental of a tourist class CF - Moto buggy 2022 for two
  • Power: 550cc
  • Helmet and goggles
  • Preliminary brief
  • Route selection according to duration:

1 hour: a leisure route with a visit to 1 or 2 picturesque locations

2 hours: route with visits to 2 to 4 picturesque locations, an opportunity to also visit a monastery. Routes with this duration are longer, terrain is varied and it's possible to include areas with a more difficult access.

3 hours: route that includes many picturesque locations, opportunity to visit monasteries around Veliko Tarnovo and a waterfall. The route is most varied in terms of terrain. 

Important: CF - Moto buggies are validly registered vehicles. They are to be operated only by licensed drivers with category B driver's license. There are two machines with automatic gears, there is no weight limit and advance booking is required. 


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