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Off-road adventure with touring class buggies up to 800cc. Veliko tarnovo and Arbanasi

Off-road adventure with touring class buggies up to 800cc. Veliko tarnovo and Arbanasi

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For those who have everything they need. We give away dreams. We make wishes come true. We share happiness. For experimentalists!
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For all those who use a different way to get to know and feel the nature around our old capital, for adventurers and extreme seekers, we offer you an off-road with tourist class buggy CF-Moto. These off-road machines are suitable for both long walks and hard-to-reach places and provide an opportunity for an unforgettable experience and wonderful views!

The experience includes: 

  • Rent a buggy up to 550CC or 800CC - for one or for two on one buggy
  • Helmet and goggles
  • Preliminary brief
  • Choose the duration and go! 

    1 hour or 2 hours

    In the walks with duration 1 hour the route is shorter and slightly rugged terrain around the village of Arbanassi. There are 1 to 2 beautiful areas to visit, where you have short breaks.

    In the walks with duration 2 hours visit more areas around Arbanassi with beautiful views of Tsarevets, Veliko Tarnovo, Xilifor

The 550cc BUGGY touring class is a fully automatic 4x4 BUGGY that is stable and extremely off-road capable. It is higher class than other buggies, providing better comfort during the off-road tour. Suitable for people who have no experience in driving a buggy, as well as for experienced drivers and heavy off-road terrain.

The 800cc touring class BUGGY is a manual-speed, rear-wheel-drive, stable and sportier. It is suitable for people who have experience with driving manual gear machines.

We have 2 two seater CF Moto 550cc, 2022 and 2 two seater 800cc Buggys. The Buggys have a valid registration, which allows them to be driven on the national road network. No driver's license is required to drive the touring class BUGGYs on off-road terrain only. If you choose a tour that includes driving on the national road network, a valid category "B" driver's license is required.

The BUGGY class tourist is a suitable choice for all of our tours. They are easy to drive, as the driving of the buggy itself resembles that of a car, in which you are seated in a comfortable position on a seat and you drive by means of "normal" steering wheel and pedals, which predisposes to not get tired of driving them, they are highly passable, which allows reaching distant and interesting routes.

  • The experience is offered all year round, according to weather conditions.
  • Minors are allowed with a companion.
  • Walks are organized when renting at least two single-seater machines or one two-seater.
  • The capacity of the machines is up to 260kg.

Important: Buggies are validly registered vehicles. They are to be operated only by licensed drivers with category B driver's license. There are two machines with automatic gears, there is no weight limit and advance booking is required. 

The price for vouchers (for two) bought in the period 01.02.2024-29.02.2024 is valid until 31.05.2024. If you wish to use a voucher bought within this period after 31.05.2024, additional charge may apply.

 Original gift experience for: man, woman, couples, families, friends.

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