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Wine tasting for four at Bononia Estate Winery and Resort

Wine tasting for four at Bononia Estate Winery and Resort

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Enjoy a tasting of selected wines at Bononia Estate Winery & Resort with friends – on the banks of the Danube River. The wines produced at Bononia Estate are distinguished by their recognizable varietal character, purity and airiness, as well as their elegant taste and aroma. The wines have won medals in a number of international competitions and are enjoying serious success around the world wine scene. Take your friends on a journey for the senses and enjoy the beauty of Danube river. This is a wonderful gift for friends, loved ones, or simply for people you'd like to impress with an unforgettable wine experience in Bulgaria. 

The experience includes:

  • Tour of the winery
  • Wine tasting package for four. Please choose from the drop-down menu and read about the tasting packages below.
  • A platter with homemade bread and delicacies
  • Water
  • Materials for note-taking

Wine tasting package Premium includes: wine tasting of 4 wines from the Istar series

Wine tasting package Exclusive includes: wine tasting of 5 beverages

About the First Vintage vintage: The 2019 vintage is the first vintage made "at home" in the village of Koshava. This is the collector's series created by Bononia Estate's desire to make a meaningful and valuable product that will develop and upgrade over time. A series without subsequent production, each bottle has a long development potential, numbered from a limited batch. Wine for connoisseurs, for people concerned with its realization and curious about its origin.

Duration: 60 min.

Location: Bononia Estate Winery and Resort, near Vidin

Important: all tastings take place with a prior reservation

Bononia Estate Winery & Resort is a luxury boutique complex located on the banks of the Danube River in the village of Koshava, Vidin. It is located 250 km from Sofia and 15 km from Vidin and Danube Bridge 2, which offers quick and easy access to and from Romania. The hotel building is surrounded by some of the most fertile and suitable land for growing vineyards in Bulgaria. Opened in 2022. on a restored own cellar from 1895, thus carrying the spirit and history of three centuries - 19th, 20th and 21st. The hotel, together with the cellar and 1,600 acres of vineyards form the entire Bononia Estate Winery & Resort complex, aiming to establish itself as one of the best wine destinations in Eastern Europe. The building has been nominated for 'Building of the Year', meanwhile winning a prize for 'Best Hotel Complex with Wine Cellar' and 'Best Restaurant with Signature Cuisine'.

The wines produced at Bononia Estate are recognizable by their varietal character, purity and airiness, as well as their elegant taste and aroma. The wines have won medals in a number of international competitions and are enjoying attention and success on the world wine scene. The series "Gomotartzi", "Istar", "Ooh La la", "Bononia Estate" are available, as well as the limited series "First Vintage", which consists of wines with a collector's focus. The tastings begin with a wine tour with a tour of the cellar, and the real part of it takes place in the wine cellar - a magnificent and special place since 1895 with a view of the most beautiful barrel room. Each tasting includes an appetizer board, homemade toast, water and notepads. The cellar has three different barrel rooms and a special hall housing 6 one-of-a-kind designer wine vessels.

Wine - a true art that combines mastery and passion. The winemaking process goes through several stages, including picking, fermentation and aging. Each step requires attention and care to achieve perfection of taste.

But the true magic of wine is revealed when we enjoy it. During the tasting, we indulge in delicate aromas and rich taste. We taste the combination of fruits, spices and woody notes.

Learning how to pair wine with food makes our experience even more fulfilling. The right pairing highlights both the food and the wine, creating an extraordinary feast for the senses.

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