80 meters in the sky! With a zip line above Struma River!


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80 meters in the sky! With a zip line above Struma River!

  • Еmotion
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  • 80 meters of weightlessness! For superheroes!

    Some facts:

    - The informal definition of Zip line is “move at high speed.”

    - There is not concrete record of the first soul to fly freely on a zip line but there is evidence that the origin lies in the Alps. People used them to carry supplies while avoiding dangers below.

    - In some parts of China, children take zip lines to go to school.

    - Zip lines are used by biologists to study wildlife.

    - In New Zealand and Australia, zip lines are also known as a "flying fox".

    - The longest zip line in the world is about 2 km long.



  • • The zip lines mounted above a high slope is designed to allow a person to move from one end of the cable holding on to or attaching to a free moving pulley

    • For maximum protection you have a safety helmet and a seat – a reason to feel secure during the jump, pirouettes, upside down spins and...the pleasure beyond description!

    • You can run unlimited times

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