Family tree of Christmas gifts - ideas for every family member

It’s safe to say that many things happened in 2020 and that is why we have learned the following: our lives need emotions, not things. People need reciprocity, laughter, spiritual moments, warmth in our souls and unceasing inspiration, we need LIFE. And since the family is always on top, this Christmas it's time to make everyone happy by giving them something special to make it personal! In the following lines we will present you a family tree with selected Christmas gifts from Gift Come True to choose something memorable for each member of the family.

Favourite Hobby for Grandma

It is an old unwritten tradition for grandmothers to drink tea while making a small talk with a friend. Yes, this happens not only in England. In Japan, for example, there is a whole tea ceremony called 茶道 (In English "the way of tea"). This is a way to make and drink green tea, usually in a traditional tearoom with a tatami floor. Apart from the simple serving, one of the main goals is for the guests to enjoy the hospitality of the host in an atmosphere different from the fast pace of everyday life. You probably already recognize your grandmother in these lines. The difference is that in Bulgaria, it does not matter in what cup we drink, but whether the tea is nice and most of all with what company it is shared. So give your grandma a Japanese tea tasting for two, in which she will taste and learn many interesting facts about one of the most ancient drinks in the world. Together with a friend from her childhood. :)

And if your grandmother is a traveler at heart, give her just that: an adventure to a distant land with a culinary course in a foreign cuisine. Italy, Mexico, UK… just one bite away. After all, the culinary art is much more than cooking something to satisfy hunger. It is true love of the natural, an exciting and experimental adventure, many cultures combined in one or more plates. And let's be honest - it's time to return the gesture to your grandmother for all the recipes she taught you.

Personal Gift for Grandpa

How different the world looked when your grandfather was a small child or a teenager! You can remind him of this with an original issue of National Geographic or Playboy magazine from the year and the month of his birth. Take him back in time with the style and class of the good old editions, because after all, December is the month to remember the good moments of life.

Something for Your Dad’s Soul

It is a regular thing when choosing a gift for men to look for a practical one that will definitely come in handy. This is actually a big misconception. The head of the family needs nothing more than something for the soul, given by his closest person. This year, bet on a classic gift for a man - a professional whiskey tasting  with a cigar. Invite him to the gentlemen's club to taste some of the most award-winning whiskeys from Japan to America. And you can go with him, because the offer is valid for two - however, an unwritten rule is that whiskey should always be drunk in company. To get ready, read in advance how to drink whiskey in five steps in one of our previous blog posts.

Gift for Your Mom from the Bottom of Your Heart to Hers

A gift for your mom's heart… You can take these words absolutely literally, because our next suggestion is related to wine. As you know, red wine helps the heart because it is rich in many antioxidants. We can even say that this gift is healthy. It is no coincidence that the ancient Greek poet Alceus (VII - VI century BC) said In vino veritas - The truth is in the wine. There are many interpretations of the saying, but isn't it the beauty of the meaning hidden in the freedom of interpretation?

We will not hide that the gifts with wine are one of our favorites and it is no coincidence that we have plenty of choice in this category - six-stage wine tasting for two, personalized bottle of wine for a loved one, wine workshop (for 10 people), wine and roses in a box... whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Beauty In a Box for The Most Beautiful Sister

Mirror, mirror on the wall - who’s the prettiest of them all? Your sister.

Jacky Kennedy, the former first lady of the USA, once said: “I am a woman above anything else.” And a woman must feel beautiful. If you want to choose a dress or a fashion accessory, you risk making a mistake, but tell us which sister would refuse a beauty procedure? Choose a SPA ritual for Queens or Facial SPA therapy for ladies. With this facial therapy your sister will enjoy an anti-stress massage with caviar for energy and radiant skin, she will enjoy an antioxidant session with pure oxygen and will be pampered with water dermabrasion - an innovative system for smoothing and rejuvenating the skin. On the other hand, with the SPA ritual they will take care of her whole body with facial therapy with calendula and collagen, then she will have a pedicure with UV gel polish and finally - a relaxing full-leg massage and acupressure of the feet.

By giving her such a gesture, you give several things in one box: a beauty ritual, but also a time when she can feel "the prettiest of them all."

Adrenaline-driven Experience for Your Brother

If your brother loves extreme experiences and regularly looks for ways to raise his adrenaline levels, we have good news - in our platform you will surely find something. You don't have to wonder what he likes, because now is the time to try something new - an adventure by air, water or land.

He can go bungee jumping from a hot air balloon over the Belogradchik rocks, have a look at mountains and lakes from above with a paraglider or a hang glider, and why not pilot a real plane. Miracles happen at Christmas, and you can make one of them come true.

An adventure 3 meters below the sea level is also a meaningful Christmas present, because let's face it: when Christmas is over, everyone starts counting the days until summer. The validity of our vouchers is a whole 1 year to give a water adventure now, and to experience it during the warmer months. A great choice, for example, is a diving and communication lesson with fish in the bay of Sozopol, water skiing on Batak Lake or a kayak program in Greece.

If your brother feels the strongest in the earthy sports, he will enjoy an action adventure like an off-road buggy ride or a day of karting and paintball.

A sweet adventure for the child

One of the most difficult gifts is the one for the little mischief-makers. They enjoy a few things but when you hit what they like, their emotions are really genuine. Ask yourself what your child loves. We know the answer: chocolate! It is not a cliché, but a classic. To stand out from the  crowd, ditch the regular chocolate sold in the store - buy a one-meter long chocolate or a tasting of half a kilo of ice cream. In minutes, the story of Charlie's chocolate factory can come to life and become your child's own fairytale.

BONUS offer: ideas for shared family gifts for a smaller budget

2020 has been a difficult year for many of us, so here's a little trick for low-budget gifts: choose one that can be shared with more than one person and would be just as (or even more) significant. After all, family holidays are made for sharing, and by giving an adventure to more people, you provide another occasion for spending more time together.

A professional family photo shoot like old times

Have you ever wondered what it was the photography like in the past, when there were only black and white photos? Back then, your relatives didn't have color shots, but today you can feel retro with them. Take a professional black and white photoshoot made with a Rolleiflex camera over 40 years old and a tape that will be manually developed and scanned.

SPA getaway for the whole family

The most valuable resource for everyone is his time. So why not choose a great big family (SPA) adventure this year?! Instead of putting an item in a bag under the Christmas tree, you can spend a few days with those closest to you, relaxing in the sauna. Both the eldest and the youngest one will enjoy such a gift… And the newly formed moments - they will stay for at least a few years ahead.

Painting with wine for four

Anyone who shares a common hobby with someone knows how nice it feels to have someone to share ideas, knowledge and inspiration with. If, for example, you both love painting and wine, sign up for a group wine painting. You don't have to be a professional, because with enough wine and guidance from a master artist, we believe that anyone can paint. And for all individualists in the industry - it's never too late to invite a relative and rediscover yourself together.

A big advantage is that in the changing everyday life, you can buy Christmas gifts with just one click without leaving home. Add a personalized message for an extra touch of tenderness to make the experience more personal.

We have completed the Gift Come True family tree for Christmas gifts with the belief that we give dreams to those who have everything, make wishes come true and share happiness with them. Because at Christmas miracles happen, which people turn into reality.

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