Funny wishes for Women’s Day + 4 gift ideas for women


The day we show women around us how much we love them is approaching. More or less we (and they, too) are fed up with the cliché wishes on the cards each year, so we came up with some ideas for original and fun wishes for the 8th of March that we voluntarily allow you to steal from us.

If you want to skip directly to the gift ideas for women:

  1. Workshops
  2. Massages, relax and beauty procedures
  3. Personalized gift
  4. Travel


Women’s Day wishes for mothers

In Bulgaria we are blessed to get called “Mommy” by our own mothers. 😊

Pssst… don’t show him this card


I will look good when I get older for sure. 😉

I remember this advice from my teenage years when I wanted to go to a party, which everybody will attend.

Women’s Day wishes for the soulmate

You make life tasty anyway.

You are annoying but I love you. <3

Yes… I would die for you.

Well… I’d delete two or three.


4 gift ideas for women

1.     Workshops

Paint and Wine

During this relaxing experience, your beloved woman will get 2 hours to create, a canvas, a tripod, all the necessary supplies - acrylic paints and brushes, a teacher-artist, and a glass of selected wine.

Pottery or painting on glass lessons

During the 1 hour lesson, a beautifully crafted pot is created using clay, glass and paint. The teacher explains the different shapes and drains on the potter's wheel of clay, engraving, decorating in different ways and making shapes, as well as telling part of the history of art.

The pot can be used and taken home.

Cosmetics Lab

 A cosmetologist will introduce your beloved woman into the world of cosmetics and by the end of the lesson she will create her own product. The first part of the workshop explores the formulas, textures and basics of cosmetics. The various sensations and textures of creams and gels are then tested and evaluated. And in the final part a natural cream is created according to the needs of the woman.

2.   Massages, relax and beauty procedures


Revolutionary orthomolecular program
The therapy consists of 3 steps:

- Diagnosis of the skin of the face with a special camera - measures elasticity, levels of sebum, hydration, pigmentation, melatonin and erythema, pores condition.

- Creating a personal program of therapies and procedures for individual long-term prevention and care.

- Preparation of a concentrated CELL IQ® serum consisting of micronutrients, active extracts, moisturizing factors and protective formulas - in the right proportion, according to the condition and requirements of the woman's skin.

Facial Spa

This facial spa therapy includes 4 separate skincare steps for your beloved woman:

  • Cleansing care for face, neck and décolleté with water dermabrasion - an innovative system for smoothing and rejuvenating the skin.
  • Anti Stress Massage with Energy Caviar and Radiant Skin - Beluga Caviar guarantees a balance at the cellular level and overcoming nutrient deficiencies in the skin.
  • Pure oxygen antioxidant protection - Oxygen therapy moisturizes, refreshes and nourishes the skin.
  • Relaxing hand massage with hydrating and soothing action.

Spa Ritual

Facial therapy with calendula and collagen, a pedicure with UV gel varnish and a true Thai massage are all part of the procedures included in this ritual for your queen - mother or beloved woman. She will long remember the hours of complete relaxation, after which she will feel beautiful, relaxed and happy.

Detox Therapy

What awaits every lady who goes to detox therapy in a salt cave?

  • In a state of complete relaxation and inhalation with purified salt, the body and nervous system are "purified". Salt particles below 3 microns will accelerate lymph flow.
  • Massage, combining acupressure and manual techniques, will activate metabolism to expel toxins faster and boost the immune system.

3. Personalized Gifts

Personalized Wine Bottle

Gift an unforgettable emotion to your beloved woman with a unique personalized bottle of white or red wine from Angelus Estate Bulgaria. Give love to a true wine lover.

Personalized Doll

Order this unique doll inspired by the look and character of the woman to whom you will gift it to.

Beautiful Roses in a box

15 lovely roses in a box inspired by the Parisian hat boxes that appeared in the 19th century. Unique Ecuadorian roses, each of which is carefully torn, stored and delivered so that it reaches its owner in the freshest form.

Unusual Bouquet

Extravagant, elegant and especially delicious. Made with lots of love from fruits, French macarons and chocolate. And of course, lovely fresh flowers. Be different and offer an unforgettable, tempting gift.

4. Travel

Chateau Windy Hills near Sliven

This gift for your beloved woman includes:

  • Overnight stay for breakfast in Chateau Windy Hills near Sliven.
  • A walk through the winery, led by a technologist to get acquainted with the process of winemaking using modern Italian technology. Wine tasting.
  • A delicious dinner for two.
  • Seasonal use of outdoor pool.

Villa Yustina near Plovdiv

Gift a weekend wine experience for the 8th of March including:

  • Overnight stay in double room with terrace in Villa Yustina near Plovdiv and breakfast included for two.
  • Sparkling wine and a fruit basket in the room.
  • Walk to the vineyard and the farm, home to the Boer goat breed, curious alpacas, sniffling roe deer and rare feathered species.
  • Tasting of 3 wines (white, red or roses, optional), accompanied by bread, meat and milk delicacies, mineral water.

Seven Generations Winery near Ruse

At Seven Generations Winery, your beloved woman will be delighted with:

  • An overnight stay at Seven Generations winery near Ruse
  • Breakfast with a wonderful view of the vineyards and the Danube
  • Tasting of 5 types of wine (optional for gourmet dinner)
  • Sauna, steam room and jacuzzi
  • 2 x classic full body massage / 60 min.

Arkan Khan in the Rhodopes

 Where your beloved wife will be welcomed by authentic Rhodope comfort:

  • Overnight stay in a traditional Rhodopean room in Arkan Khan
  • An authentic Rhodope breakfast for two
  • Riding in nature for two within 1 hour

Salla Estate between Shumen and Varna

 A great gift for a woman you want to make happy:

  • Overnight stay at Salla Estate between Shumen and Varna with homemade breakfast.
  • Visiting the wine cellar and getting acquainted with the production process.
  • Tasting of 3 types of selected wines / White wine, Rose, Red wine /.
  • The tasting also includes cheese, meatballs, home-baked bread.
  • Dinner / salad, sausages or oven meat, homemade bread, dessert, drinks/.
  • Steam bath, outdoor football / volleyball court, indoor gym with table tennis, fitness equipment.

Ongal Guest House near Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Lovech and Pleven

 This great gift for March 8th includes:

  • Overnight stay for homemade breakfast at Angle Guest House
  • Dinner for two of your choice from the delicious menu
  • Archery for two
  • Use of seasonal outdoor pool





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