Top 5 Dumbest Christmas Gifts

You'd probably say, "What are you going on about? Dumb gifts? I need nice presents, not ones that can’t make my loved ones happy."

Relax, we will get to this. First of all, it is important to know what we should not give to our friends and loved ones (although if we have to make a present for the boring colleague in the office or the annoying secretary, it will be nice to know what might "delight" them). But let's not deviate from the topic. We, from Gift Come True, made a survey before Christmas. Here are the ones that made the "Top 5 dumbest gifts that we received ever" chart.


5. Small blue light bulb and “sexy” Batman lingerie

Say what now... It looks like somebody put random words in a row. And moreover, he has made a gift out of that particular combination. But... on a second look the blue bulb sounds logical. We've heard that blue light makes you relaxed, especially if you're going to have a meeting with bats… Why is the bulb small? ...  Possibly the reason is to make other things look big. But the “sexy” Batman lingerie… we do NOT understand that. Bats, black mantle... Catwoman is a different thing, but obviously someone has a thing for flying mice.


4. Candle with a hidden firecracker in it

Well, this sounds more like a terrorist attack... But it makes us think about the IQ of the person who decided to make such a present. Maybe he is a kamikaze. We've heard about a lot of dangerous gifts, but this one might be better suited to the Middle East. Thank God, the lady didn’t have serious injuries while using her "gift".


3. CHEAP jewelry and an epilator

 Once again - a strange combination. CHEAP jewelry!!! Come on, boys. You know that some things can’t be bought with money, but rather... with lots of money. Especially when it comes to the ladies. Love, tenderness, understanding and warmth.... Yes, that's important, but where could we go without the expensive jewels ... And about the epilator ... Better "with" than "without", we suppose.

2. Socks...

That’s sweet. We all know you that you will get that present for those holidays as well. Socks, scarves and sweatshirts, (yes ... it’s our favorite also) or gloves. If you haven’t got gloves as a present yet, you live in a really warm place or have creative relatives.



1. Houseware

And the big "winner" is.... Yes, you guessed it right. Usually, when someone gets a fryingpan or a rolling pin, she wants to test her forehand on the head of the person who made the “gift”. The message is clear: "Try the gift and it better taste good." And the words in your head, usually go: "I'll try it... and I'll put a double dose of laxative."

It's Christmas. The best gifts are creative and unfortunately choosing them requires hours of thinking and researching. Unless there is "help from a friend" to make it easier for us to choose and to avoid making mistakes. Happy Holidays!



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