What every star sign needs to do in 2023?

Everyone can turn 2023 into their year by taking action and making things happen rather than just waiting for them to happen. In the next 12 months, every star sign has such thing they need to “make happen”. For some this might be something familiar, for others a challenge to step out of their comfort zone or even an opportunity to get to know themselves better. Which one will be yours and what is that thing you need to do this year – you can see according to your star sign in this blog post!


As a Capricorn, you are ambitious and determined. Every new year comes with lots of new goals for you! You love learning and developing your skills, while the feeling of wasting your time terrifies you. This is why you definitely need to invest it in a useful activity such as a culinary course, with which you will be able to improve your cooking skills in 2023!


Blessed with creativity and a vivid imagination, but also “cursed” with a quite unsteady nature – this is what the Aquariuses are like. They are constantly changing their desires and goals and often feel confused and misunderstood. If you are an Aquarius, the consultation with an astrologist and the reading of your personal natal chart is what will give you the clarity you need. So, it’s a must to include it in your to-do list for 2023!


As a Pisces, we can almost bet that you are extremely emotional and romantic. You like taking care of others and often make them a priority, neglecting your own self. It’s now time to just take your loved one and escape far away from everything else for a bit… Gift yourself a winter fairytale for two amidst a snowy boron forest and clean air, in a cozy and warm atmosphere. You deserve it!  


Being an Aries means having adrenaline run in your blood in high doses! You are brave and determined, in a constant search for dynamics, challenges and strong and saturated emotions. And because it is quite uncommon for you to just sit there and wait, discover your adventure of the year right now – extreme and daring, just like it suits a true Aries!  


Tasty food is your biggest weakness. There’s no need to fight against it – give in to it! Viewing delicious food as some kind of a “sin” is stupid… especially for a Taurus. The feasts for the palate (like this three-course meal, for example) are just your type of experiences – little joys, which make you happy. Create yourself more opportunities for them during 2023!


The typical Gemini is the typical life and soul of the party: cheerful, chatty, funny and always full of many interesting stories to tell. If you are a representative of this star sign, then your mission is to get people together, to be the initiator of fun and party. Keep doing it during this year as well: get your best friends together to have some good laugh and fun in this cool cocktail course for friends!


If there’s one person, who values deeply the home coziness this is you – the Cancer! You enjoy it, create it and like visiting places, where you can really feel it. This makes you feel calm and secure. And because this feeling is very important for your inner balance, you need to look for namely such experiences during this year. An example of such experience is the farm of Betty and Nicky, where you will find homemade food, cozy atmosphere and kind and warm people.


As the zodiac’s king, you are always leaving your own personal signature in everything you do. You are a creative and artistic person, whose vivid individuality cannot go unnoticed. Your aim for this year should be to develop more of your Leo creative energy: the painting and wine experience is a wonderful place to start!


Virgos have a strong down to earth personality – literally. If you are a representative of this star sign, most probably you have asked yourself at least once why do people
“torture” themselves with stuff like parachute jumping, paraglider flights, drift cars and other such things (althogh what is even more probable is that you’ve never tried any of it yourself). It is high time you do it! In 2023, challenge yourself with at least one of these three things.


A representative of the Libra star sign – you are the peacekeeper of the zodiac! Balance and harmony stand in the centre of your happiness, while aesthetics is something that you highly value. Start 2023 just like it suits you: quietly, peacefully, surrounded by the beauty of Sofia and Vitosha – in the thermal and aqua zone of the most modern SPA centre of Bulgaria!


Charming, enigmatic and a little mysterious – this is what the Scorpio energy is like. You are carrying an interesting and deep individuality and the emotions that you are feeling are always saturated and intense. What you need to do this year is something, which maybe you haven’t experienced so far: the secret trip, taking you to a mysterious location with secret letters.


If you are a Sagittarius, we can describe you right away with one single word: traveller! You are energetic and active and like change, variety and the opportunities to get to know different places and people. In 2023, discover villa Sintika in Sandanski and Herakleya Sintika – the city of the ancient Thracian tribe of the synths!

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