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For calm parents and happy babies

For calm parents and happy babies

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For those who have everything they need. We give away dreams. We make wishes come true. We share happiness. For experimentalists!
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The perfect present for moms and dads of newborns and children up to 1 year old.

Iva Petkova is a mother of three, teacher, ergotherapist, early child development, baby wearing and baby sleep consultant as well as a breastfeeding volunteer consultant of the “Breastfeeding support” national association that follows the methods of Montessori and Waldorf. Her consultations provide much needed professional support at moments of tension, postnatal depression and insecurity. 

Choose a pack in consideration with the child’s age:

“Safe start”


The pack includes:

  • Massaging, gymnastics, bathing and swaddling consultation
  • Baby wearing consultation
  • Baby sleep consultation, which includes directions on calming the baby, improving the sleep cycle and tips for easier putting to sleep
  • Feeding consultation

  • “Confident parents”


    The pack includes:

  • Motor development and daily activities consultation
  • Baby sleep consultation, which includes directions on quality sleep, build of routine, tips for easier putting to sleep 
  • Early hygienic habits learning
  • Baby wearing consultation

  • The main rules Iva Petkova’s practice is based on: 

  • Individual approach 
  • Respect and support both for the parents and the child
  • Justified information in accordance with the child’s situation
    • Consideration of the family’s requirements and principles
    • Keep of the given promises 


    All consultations take place at a convenient for the family time. 

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    Опаковай подаръка със стил

    Избери между елегантни подаръчна кутия или плик. Опаковката има значение - поднеси подарък преживяване със стил.