Agro tourism… is the new black

In the summer months – scorching heat abound. Bulgaria becomes one of the Go To destinations for seaside tourism. Most foreigners know about three places in Bulgaria mostly due to the limited number of flights in and out of the country – those are of course Sofia, Varna, Sunny Beach, and Plovdiv. Of course if lying on a beach and catching some sunrays is your thing, Gift Come True has the right kind of offers for you as well. However… today we want to showcase a more out-of-the-box experience. It’s most certainly for experimentalists. In the US being bio and eco has been fashionable for quite a while now, but now it’s becoming more of a lifestyle in Europe too. And there’s nothing better than to go back to our roots and give in to true relax in the summer months.

Experience 19th century Bulgaria

We’ll start you off with two such ideas – one in Kalofer - the renovated house is more than 130 years old and it will welcome with open arms. The historical value of the town and the house is just a mere prelude to the main attraction, which is the mountain. You know Bulgaria is in the Balkan Peninsula, well, this is the Balkan mountain – one of the greenest and most beautiful places in Eastern Europe. If historic romanticism isn’t your thing, you can enjoy one of the many things on offer, specifically a trip to an ancient Thracian temple and unlike at Stonehenge here you can sit on the rocks and take a selfie for Instagram (if you tag us we won’t be mad).

It’s a beautiful farm life

Deep within the Eastern Rhodopes, one of the most mystical places in Europe, there’s a farm and what a farm that is. Betty and Niko’s Wild Farm is a gorgeous place to have a relaxing weekend and get the chance to live the authentic farm live, no matter which Vol. you pick. There’s the wonderful Arda river with its world renowned meanders which just takes your breath away. Well, it’s not the Glen Canyon, but certainly the next best thing. From then on, you’ll be fed and spoiled by the owners and will definitely have the time of your life, that’s included in each package you could decide on. Whether you’ve got a Gold Fever and decide to give into it with your local guide Marin , or you want to fish your dinner with your bare hands , do a photo safari of the local birds of wild – vultures, eagles, griffons, and many more , enjoy a horseback ride , or receive a masterclass in farm life . We’ll tell you only one thing – you won’t go wrong with either choice. And of course, we’ve saved the most mystical for last.

An extraterrestrial SPA trip

It’s no lie that the Rhodopes have the most reports of UFO sightings of all places in Bulgaria, probably even the most in Europe. The mountain is veiled in legends and mysticism. We won’t promise what we can’t deliver, i.e. meeting some Martians (although you never know), but we promise an experience equally extraterrestrial. In the homey hotel Gela you’ll have the chance to taste some local delicacies, especially the yummy homemade mekitsas . We suggest you combine it with one of the following: mountain trekking, off-road trip, nature BBQ, horseback ride, or tasting of local food and wine.

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