Experience gifts for that beloved Sagittarius of yours

Sagittarius is energetic, generous, genuine and independent. Considered the most joyful sign of the zodiac and a great optimist, Sagittarius is not afraid to take risks as it believes luck is always by its side! The representatives of this star sign are extremely active and curious, while their love for travel, change and variety is notorious. There is no better present for their birthday than taking them on a trip – secret, snowy, mountain, culinary, adventurous or artistic… trips exploring different worlds or experience gifts for your beloved Sagittarius. Get inspired with this post – pick an unusual present for them that will make them truly happy!

If there are people that can be called free-spirited, these are namely the Sagittariuses! Don’t try to impose rules and restricions on them as you are destined to lose! Gift them the feeling of freedom they cherish by taking them up high in the clouds with a paraglider flight over Stara Planina, a motor hang glider flight over the Dolna Dikanya and Dyakovo dams or with a piloting lesson on the Cessna 172 – an absolute landmark in the world aviation history! A once in a lifetime experience, which the Sagittariuses will even be able to share with two other friends of theirs on the passenger seats.

You have the opportunity to challenge the daring spirit of the Sagittariuses not just in the air, but on land as well with this thematic for the season snowmobile ride for two. Adrenaline and strong emotins in the company of a loved one amidst snowy landscapes. This is what we call a memorable winter day!


Talking about experiences “for two”… Sagittariuses definitely view love as an adventure and for them it is important to have a partner, who is at least as crazy as they are. The gun shooting for couples is for those, who are not afraid to put their equanimity and sharp eye to the test. The shooting includes ovearall 4 types of gun and shooting aisles with a length of 25 metres. On the other hand, the tandem bungee jump provides the adrenaline dose doubled – together between the sky and the ground! Would you dare?

As Sagittariuses were born to explore, for them it is especially important to have the freedom to move, visit unknown places and rush into different challenges. The secret trip will take them not only to a new and unknown place, but it will also make them part of an interesting and unusual experience, the location of which we are keeping a secret! Only thing we are sharing is: we are taking the Sagittarius up high in the mountain, where air is clean and nature is just breathtaking… at a cozy and warm place, providing a real rest in the cold winter day.

And here is another a little bit more different trip that will satiate the Sagittarus’s intrinsic hunger for change: the castle-winery Chateau-Copsa situated at the heart of the Rose valley. This is an escape among endless vineyards, combining SPA, romance and wine tasting of selected wines, which mature in the cellar embedded in the castle’s stone foundations.

And how can you take the Sagittarius on a trip around the whole of Central Europe without making them take a single step outside of Sofia? With an experience in the one and only in Bulgaria Vienna Café & Restaurant – three-course meal with dishes, combining the tastes of Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary in an art nouveau atmosphere reminding an old Viennese train station! 

Another common feature of the Sagittariuses is that they are extremely curious and tireless in acquiring new knowledge and skill. Challenge their cooking abilities with a culinary course in preparing sourdough bread, desserts, burgers, traditional Georgian or Italian dishes.

And because we are in the eve of the most beautiful holidays, this workshop is quite thematic. It will give the Sagittariuses the chance to not only apply their artistic skills, but also to take home a personal, unique, hand-made lamp – an ideal addition to the cozy atmosphere and Christmas decorations at home!

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