With our up to BGN 50vouchers, you can buy various experiences: tastings, wine and beer tours, sports and extreme courses, spa and beauty treatments, personalized gifts. 

What types of experiences can you buy for up to BGN 50? 

Depending on your choice, you can choose a wine tour or a special brewery tour to learn about the wine or beer production process, or a tasting in the best wineries or breweries in Bulgaria. To get to know the path of wine from the vineyards to bottling, you will be guided by experts and oenologists who have created the most emblematic wines in our country. The breweries, on the other hand, are waiting for beer lovers to introduce them to the brewing process - from malting to filtration. Or if you prefer coffee - by purchasing a voucher from this price category, you can enter the world of coffee with a professional barista and taste some of the most famous varieties of coffee in the world. 

Vouchers up to BGN 50 will make creative natures happy with various courses - to try, and subsequently decide to dedicate themselves to an art that has long attracted them. 

The options for such courses are plenty - drawing, dancing, yoga, accordion or piano lessons, folk, or holistic singing...in a salt room, etc. 

With a voucher of BGN 50, sporty types can try horse riding lessons, jet riding, snowboarding or skiing training regardless of the season, canyoning, ballooning and many other adventure experiences. 

For BGN 50, you can please a loved one with a voucher – a perfect care for his health and balance, e.g. salt therapy, a visit to a bee house, floatation for babies or a professional manicure and make-up at a boutique salon. 

If you choose BGN 50 personalized gifts, you can send a loved one selected wines, artisan chocolate, special coffee or even hot peppers.  

No matter what your budget is, with Gift Come True you will find the most suitable and unique gift - an experience that will be remembered for a long time. 

Vouchers for experiences( excluding those with a specific date) are valid for 1 year, within which they can be exchanged for any other experience.