Tips & tricks: how to choose a gift for prom

The good gift has 3 characteristics: it’s appropriate, it brings joy, and it’s remembered.

And the best gift for prom is outside the box. Mission absolutely possible with/out SWOT analysis.

Do we agree on the big picture??? Our little grown-up kids are:

  1. Young, i.e. inexperienced („Is it so...who could tell me...“)
  2. Curious and brave
  3. With roots, deep, but unrealized (why burden them now)
  4. Citizens of the world ready to conquer it
  5. They have the advantage (or time) to be able to risk or experiment.

Define the type based on the personal profile of the young guy/girl:

  1. Adventurers, extroverts
  2. Creative types with spiritual searches
  3. Romantics
  4. Explorers
  5. Easygoing (The „live in the moment“ types)

The perfect gift according to that profile:

1. For the adventurers - OMG, the highest mountain , the deepest sea, give them the chance to overcome something and they’ll be happy. That’s how they prove themselves. Piloting a plane, bungee jumping, an airbaloon flight, conquering gorges, extreme rafting, going deeper - with an aqualung ... In a word: adrenaline.



2. The creatives - something new, something personal, something different. Recording a song (they’ll play it over and over again to their kids one day), a workshop in photograpy, guitar playing, silk drawing, Master DJ… or a culinary one.  Let them try, learn, relax, excite.

момиче записващо песен в студио


3. For the romantics - they’re in love (by default). Choose travel for two, photo shoot, wine tasting, a doll, or chocolate. They’ll remember the gift. They’ll also recognise it as their emotion. You don’t mind, right?

каякинг в Гърция

4. For the explorers - they can make their own perfume, colour profile, or to find the key to the chamber of secrets with their friends. In other words, all that’ll help them discover the world and themselves.

ескейп стая


5. For the easygoing – from relax and harmony, through a case of beer from around the world, to a personalised bag. They’re “easy” and can find the joy in everything.

приятели на плажа пиещи бира

The choice of the gift brings twice the joy - for the person, who gives it, and for the one who receives it.

We choose to have choice. Good Luck!

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