Tasting and dining

Tasting quality food and selected drinks brings not only a wonderful experience for the senses, but creates unforgettable memories. All our tasting offers can help you expand your knowledge about food and the philosophy behind it, offer you new tastes and bring you positive emotions. Such experiences are also a wonderful gift with which to surprise a loved one, gifting him unforgettable emotions and surprises for the senses, in a cozy environment.

What types of tasting and dining can you find on Gift Come True

Pamper your senses with wine tasting, chocolate tasting, whiskey tasting, beer tasting, gelato tasting, coffee and tea tasting, different cuisines with their culinary delights. These tastings are not only for avid gourmet lovers, but also for everyone who likes to discover and enjoy new tastes and sensations.

What makes wine tasting so popular

Wine tasting is one of the most popular experiences. Through it, you will get to know different varieties of wine, the tasting techniques and the different tastes and aromas, so that you can fully enjoy this "divine" drink.

Wine tastings are held in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Melnik, Sandanski, and in many wineries throughout Bulgaria. With a wine tasting voucher, you can give the recipient an unforgettable experience during which they will learn the main characteristics of wine: color, aroma, density, taste, varieties, vintages and terroirs.

Along with the tastings, you will also find suggestions for tasting menus, with which wine unfolds to deliver an irresistible experience. You can choose to have the wine tastings with or without a sommelier.

The art of coffee and tea - taste, learn and enjoy your favorite morning or afternoon drinks

The tea tasting workshops will introduce you to the different varieties, the techniques for picking, storing and preparing tea, the variety of aromas and tastes.

Every coffee lover will also find a tasting suitable for them. With a coffee tasting voucher, you can give a loved one the pleasure of trying the best coffees in the world, including the exotic Kopi Luwak.

During the tasting, our baristas will reveal basic coffee bean growing and processing processes, help the taster identify the different varieties and build a flavor profile.

Whiskey, whiskey and cigar or beer tasting

If you are a fan or know a fan of whiskey or cigars, whiskey and cigar tastings are just for you. Whiskey experts will introduce you to the different types of this drink, the methods for creating, storing and techniques for aging, tasting manners, pairing with food and cigars. Do you want to impress with an innovative and special gift? Choose a whiskey tasting voucher that will charm both gentlemen and ladies.

Or you may prefer the taste of fresh cold beer? Gift Come True has the right experiences for you. These include learning about different types of beer, including craft one, brewing techniques and tasting. There's no cooler gift for beer lovers than getting a first-hand look at craft beer production!

You can also enjoy tasting menus with irresistible food offerings that perfectly complement the taste of this favorite drink.

What other tastings and dinners will you find on our website: 

  • chocolate tasting
  • Japanese cuisine tasting
  • sushi tasting
  • tasting of Mediterranean specialties
  • chili food tasting and a visit to a chili farm
  • gelato and artisanal ice cream tasting
  • tasting of French specialties, fusion cuisine and gourmet

Why choose a voucher for tasting or a dinner with Gift Come True

With a tasting voucher you will learn more about the origin of the products, the production methods and the ways to consume your favorite flavors! You will be able to give yourself or a loved one a wonderful trip for the senses to different parts of the world. Leave it in the hands of our professionals, who will teach you how to recognize the best flavors and aromas, and how to enjoy gourmet food combined with quality drinks.

Tastings and dinners are a wonderful gift for you and your loved ones, suitable for couples, families, friends. You can buy a voucher quickly and easily, with a few clicks, as an online document or in an elegant gift box.