Top 10 experiences for a cozy autumn in November

Bon voyage in the world of positive vibes!

November – right between autumn and winter. Maybe the most neglected month of the whole year! Preceding the big Christmas glee, it is often perceived as gloomy, cold and boring. Because of all of the planning that we are doing for the forthcoming festive season, we start living in the future rather than in the present. While actually November marks the end of the year! We should not forget to add those positive vibes to every “ordinary” day. Create them for yourself and for your loved ones. With our ideas for top 10 November experiences!

1. All the colours of autumn for two

    Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, at the heart of the two highest mountains of Bulgaria – Rila and Pirin, you will find the Katarino SPA complex. A place for true relaxation and recharge with healing mineral water, contemporary SPA center and wellness services as well as real food prepared from natural farmer’s products. Right there, among the purity of the pine forest, you can fully indulge in the freshness of the November air and the coming winter!

    2. Craft your own lamp

      Nothing says coziness more than the soft and warm light… Crеate your own, unique lamp to put in your home or to gift a loved one. This workshop turns into an emotion and a space, where you can free your creative spirit. And with the most beautiful time of the year approaching, this lamp can become a really special Christmas decoration for your home this year!

      3. Tasting of a special “Black box” menu

        Take your loved one or a good friend and go visit together Masterchef Sevda Dimitrova, who will immerse you in the mystery of the “Black box”, a 3-course surprise meal in her restaurant! Tell her just a little bit about yourself and your food preferences and let her improvise, let her surprise you and present you her impression of yourself – in a plate!

        4. Panoramic flight with a motor hang glider

        Wherever you go in Bulgaria, you will come across beautiful nature, but in Rila, there is a special magic.  Rise over its picturesque slopes and enjoy some breathtaking views with the motor hang glider flight. You will also have the option to look from a bird’s eye view down the crystal clear waters of five dams – Dikanya, Izvor, Pchelina, Stefanovo and Dyakovo. The flight’s duration is a whole hour and it includes videorecording.

        5. French desserts cooking class

        Use a rainy autumn day to try something interesting and new! To make them perfect you need to know their countless little secrets. All you need is a desire and a little experience. At the French macarons course, everyone will prepare and take home 12 colorful and very tasty macarons with three types of filling. Can you already smell the coziness in your home?

        6. Фотосесия на открито

        We cannot deny that autumn holds a special charm. Yellow, red and orange have colored everything around, creating a beautiful and colourful landscape. Just wait to see it through the eyes (and the lens) of a professional photographer! With your memories on focus – 2022, beautifully packed in one photoshoot – of yours only or shared with family or friends. This can be the ideal end of your year, which you will have the chance to capture with a smile because of (or despite) everything that has happenned through it!

        7. Off-road ATV adventure

        The beauty of the old capital Veliko Tarnovo off-road! Get to know its nature in a little bit more different way – with a touristic class ATV, which is suitable both for beginner’s routes as well as for extreme terrains that are harder to reach. The choice is yours! And only in November our special offer applies to the off-road adventure: you are paying for one, but taking one more person with you. Because we do believe that the shared experiences are better!

        8. Painting and wine

        We believe that with enough paint and enough wine one can do wonders! Immerse yourself in a true art therapy, where you will have the opportunity to create a painting of your own in a cozy atmosphere, with pleasant music, nice people and a glass of wine. Challenge yourself with this experience in Sofia or find your artistic inspiration in Plovdiv!

        9. Piloting lesson

        Go up in the clouds over Vitosha by plane piloted by you yourself! Go after the adventure of your first piloting lesson from the cockpit of Cessna 152 with an experienced pilot. Are you up for the challenge?

        10. Recharge, recharge!

        Welcome to the thermal and aqua zone of Millennium SPA & Wellness Center high up with a unique view towards Sofia and Vitosha. Inspired by the 5 elements: water, fire, air, earth and ether! Or, you are very welcome to try this salt room experience for an immune system boost or flotation for full relaxation. Whatever you pick – we promise to make November warm, cozy and unforgettable for you!

        And a lot more ideas according to every taste and pocket with: cooking classes, tasting and dining, different courses, sports and adventures, relax and harmony, trips, photoshoots and fresh personaslized gifts.

        Bon voyage in the world of positive vibes!


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